Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home Again

We're back home and trying to get back in the routine of home life again. We left early Thursday morning for Portland, and arrived back home about 8:30 Saturday night. Those three days were action-packed! We always stop at a certain Starbucks along the way, and Wes and I needed to stop at the bank and post office in Blaine, WA. Another couple in our group had to stop at an outlet mall to exchange some merchandise. So a six-hour trip took about eight hours, but when you're with 20 teenagers, it's all good, you know?! ;)

The conference was great. The speakers were Pastor Steve Roberson from Chattanooga, TN, and Pastor Kurt Skelly from New Kensington, PA. Both are well-known for their rapport with teens, and all the messages spoke so clearly to my heart as well. The kids had lots of fun with games and food and fellowship. One of the things we like so much about this conference is the emphasis on preaching; we had evening sessions on Thursday and Friday nights, and morning sessions on Friday and Saturday - both preachers each session. The last I heard, there were about 20 young people saved during the conference. That's what it's all about!

One interesting bit of trivia: Pastor Roberson was a youth pastor when Wes and I were in high school! I had heard of him all my life, but had never heard him preach until this week. I was pleased to finally meet him, and it was fun to tell him that I grew up at Tabernacle Baptist in Greenville, SC, under the ministry of Dr. Harold Sightler. His dad is/was a great admirer of Dr. Sightler, so that was a common point of reference for us.

Because one of our men had to come home on Friday night (planned, not an emergency), I was recruited to drive our van back home while Wes drove the other pastor's van. I was a little nervous about getting sleepy, but the Lord gave me the strength to stay awake and full of energy. When we walked into our house, though, that energy flew out the window! LOL I was in bed within a couple of hours. Sunday was a great day at our church, with some visitors on Sunday night, and then on Monday, I crashed. Literally. I just couldn't stay awake. Today is a holiday, so I'm resting again today so I can pick up and go again tomorrow.

I hope to have some pics to show you from the conference soon. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Do you remember how Dr.Sightler would come eat lunch in the cafeteria with the school kids?

  2. Hello my name is Rebekah,
    I love your blog!I read where your son goes to west coast ,my sister jennifer goes to west coast ,too.
    she told us about the play about dr.tom malone so me and my family watched it on the web.i'm not sure but was your son in a tour group,too?
    anyway thanks so much, it's always such a blessing to meet people of like mind.

  3. I first heard Pastor Roberson shortly after I got married. He came to our church for the youth conference, and was still the youth pastor at his father's church. The area was going through an unusual heat wave, and the auditorium was packed with hot, sweaty teens. Before Pastor Roberson preached, he got up and instructed the audience on how to "make rain". It was the neatest thing ever. It really sounded like rain, with different sections doiong what he said (snapping fingers, patting hands on your lap, stomping feet on floor, rubbing hands together). And of course, he is a great preacher! And he has a great rapport with teens, like you said.

    I'm glad you had a great time! :-) Praise the Lord for the souls saved!!!

  4. Rita, I do indeed remember him coming down to eat lunch! My mom worked at the home for a while before she got sick, and he would eat there too. He was such a gracious, humble man. I didn't realize what we had at Tabernacle until I was grown and gone from there.

    Hi, Bekah (that's my sister's name too!) - I'll have to tell Sam about your sister being at WCBC too. He seems to know everyone there! LOL Yes, he was in a tour group this summer that traveled in the Pacific Northwest and the Lowere Mainland of Canada. Thanks for reading; it's great to meet you!

    Tammy, he did the "Tennessee Thunderstorm" last week! He probably called it the NC Thunderstorm when you heard him! ;) I had heard of it, but had never been in an audience doing it. It was pretty neat! His sermon on Thursday night was great - keeping our eyes on Jesus, not on people. So valuable!

  5. I am so glad you had such a great time..I sure know that crashed out feeling...
    Can't wait to meet you in person one day Susan.

  6. Twenty souls saved! Isn't that wonderful?

    I love to her Brother Roberson. I don't know that I've heard Brother Skelly. I'm sure he was great though.

    I remember when Brother Roberson was a youth Pastor at Gospel Light and over the Youth Church there. That's neat.


  7. Susan, my friend Linda Kay Blevins grew up there too, she's probably 10 years older that you. She has a twin Faye. DO you know her? She and her dh were missionaries to Spain. He recently (last Feb) was in a terrible accident, hit by a drunk driver and later lost his leg. His name is Roger Blevins. They are with BIMI

  8. Deby, hopefully we'll get to meet in person someday soon! Hope you're doing well today after your medical tests!

    Kristi, I had always heard so much about Bro. Roberson. Wes has always really liked him, so I'm glad I finally got to hear him preach. And 20 souls saved is great! :)

    Leah, those names don't sound familiar to me - I'm sorry! What a horrible accident, to lose his leg. We've been gone from Tabernacle and SC for over 20 years now, so they may have come after we left.

  9. I thought for sure I had commented here, but I guess I only did so in my mind! :-)

    Glad everything went well. It takes me a while to recuperate from trips, too, and I do hardly any of the driving.

  10. Susan, she grew up there, she's been gone at least 20 years. She said everyone knew them as the "Cash Twins". I had no idea what your maiden name was so she couldn't place you either.

  11. Leah, Cash sounds familiar, but the twins thing is just escaping me! LOL I'm sorry! My maiden name was Holden; I was there from 1975-1978 and again from 1981-1986. My dad was a Bible college student during the first time, then he taught there in the 1980s, even after I moved away in '86.


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