Tuesday, November 25, 2008

God Keeps on Giving

Have you ever heard the saying, "You can't outgive the Lord?" November is missions month at our church, so Wes has been teaching and preaching on witnessing and giving - because we all need to witness, and if we can't go around the world ourselves, we can at least give to send others. A couple of things have happened this week that have really boosted my faith. I don't usually share this type of thing, because money is such a personal issue, but I'm hoping it may be an encouragement to someone else to trust God in the area of giving, especially in the economic situation we're in right now.

First, Wes gives me an allowance each month out of our personal money. This money is already tithed on as a family, so he told me I didn't have to tithe on what he gives me, which is technically true. So for the past year, I had been giving what I'd committed for my Faith Promise giving, but not tithing on my allowance (although I did tithe on whatever other money I received!). But as I've been praying about my Faith Promise commitment for this next year, I have felt more and more that I should tithe even on my allowance. So last Sunday, I tithed on my allowance for the first time since last year.

Monday morning I was checking my email and realized that I had an order in my Etsy shop. When I checked to see what had sold, the amount that I made from the sale was exactly what I had given the day before! God already gave back what I tithed on Sunday.

Then, last night Wes came downstairs and said, "Guess what I'm going to pick up tomorrow morning!" He had been on Craigslist and found a two-year-old elliptical trainer that someone was giving away because they were moving. Free. A piece of exercise equipment that originally cost $1,000, with four years of the warranty still on it. Those things move fast on Craigslist, let me tell you. And Wes is the one who called the lady first. Do you know how hard it is to be the first one to call for something like that?!! It's now set up in our home, right outside the room where I'm writing this.

I've been a member of a ladies-only gym for a couple of years now. I go there because the weather here in Vancouver is rarely pleasant for exercising outside, and as a diabetic I really do need daily exercise. But going to the gym means at least 1-1/2 hours out of my day, by the time I drive there and back and spend 30 minutes to an hour exercising, depending on what I'm doing that day. So it didn't take long for that to get old! Anyway, I'm going to the gym three times a week - if I can motivate myself to go even that often! Wes and I had discussed getting some type of exercise equipment for here at home so I could quit going to the gym (and he could exercise too), but we just couldn't bring ourselves to go out and buy something brand new. All that to say . . . we now have a way to exercise at home, so when my gym membership is up I won't have to renew it, and it didn't cost us a penny. God just keeps on giving, far more than we deserve! But He keeps His promises.

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6:38


  1. Hi Susan ~ I love stories like this! Isn't God good?! I'm so glad you were blessed because of your obedience to giving and also that you are encouraging others to do the same! Happy exercising! :)

  2. Hello Susan!

    Thank you so very much for sharing this. I don't share many details about our personal finanaces either, because they are so personal but what an encouragement it is for people to hear your testimony in this area!

    My husband and I have pretty firm views on tithing and God has truely blessed us as well.

    May I link to your post, if I share a bit about God's provision with my readers?

    Thank you,


  3. What a blessing your post is! I have always found God to bless us in ways that it could only be God!
    I love your blog, it is always an encouragement.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. How neat to see your faith rewarded in such a tangible way. ;)

  5. Wow..Susan...that is so exciting...
    What a God we serve...
    So thankful for you and yours and your serving in Canada...
    hope we can meet finally in January.....

  6. Deb, God is SO good to us! Thanks for your kind words.

    Trixie, you are welcome to link to my post. Thanks for letting me know that it was an encouragement for you.

    Tammy, I'm so glad we found each other's blogs! Thanks for your kind words.

    Mrs. C, God never fails to give back in some way when we give to Him!

    Deby, do you think you might get to go to the Preacher's Delight in January? It would be so neat to meet you!

  7. God is so good! Praise the Lord for your wonderful testimony of trusting him even in the small things!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you all as well! :)

  9. Susan, thanks for sharing this! I just love hearing how God does things like that. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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