Thursday, October 09, 2008

Where Has This Week Gone?

I realized this morning that it's Thursday already! We have our midweek Bible study tonight, and then tomorrow we go to the annual Couples' Retreat hosted by Metro Baptist Church in Burnaby. We always have a good time, and Wes and I especially look forward to spending some time alone. This is one couples' retreat that doesn't fill every minute with classes and activity - we have Friday evening and all of Saturday morning alone together, being a couple. Which is what the retreat is about, right?

We have one of our church couples going with us, for which we're grateful. We had hoped to have 3 couples, but 2 of them weren't able to make it this year - we'll shoot for next year! We'll go out to a nice restaurant on Friday evening; this was a big hit last year. Wes likes to make it a time for all of us to fellowship together, then we separate when we get back to the hotel where the retreat is held.

I don't know that I'll be able to post again till later in the weekend, or maybe till Monday, so I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, I hope y'all have a great time on your retreat. How fun!


  2. For some reason your posts (and several others) have not been coming through on my Bloglines -- the last I saw was the Sun. in review. I am about ready to switch to Google Reader!!

    Have fun at the retreat!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time!!

  4. Hi Susan I'm back from an internet blackout! Hope you have a wonderful time on the couple's retreat! We are on furlough now getting ready to head out to Mexico City in December. I'll be on the internet periodically. Maybe we will see your son next week in Lancaster!! We are in the Mission's Conference there!

  5. Hmm, it looks like Bloglines doesn't like you lately. You've posted and it's not showing it!

    Anyhow, enjoy your weekend!!


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