Monday, October 20, 2008

That Special Mission Project

I mentioned in my previous post a special mission project that our church is helping with. It's special to our family personally because of who is participating in this project - our older son, Samuel! He is going on a church-planting mission trip in January to Antipolo City, a suburb of Manila in The Philippines.

Missionary Clark Graham, a graduate of West Coast Baptist College, is starting this new church, and WCBC is sending a team of students to help saturate the city with the Gospel in the week before the opening service. Our son sat through the service when it was introduced to the people of Lancaster Baptist Church, wishing that he could be a part of it all. He gave in the offering that was taken that night, thinking that was all he'd be able to do. During chapel on Wednesday of that week, it was announced that the college would be taking a group of students to help with that project in January, as well as another one to El Salvador in March. Samuel said his heart leapt at the thought of going on the trip to The Philippines, and that afternoon he called Wes to see what he thought of the idea. Wes told him to pray about it for the rest of the week, and then decide. Sam prayed all week, and by the weekend knew that this was something God would allow him to do.

Wes and I are so pleased to see Samuel so willing to give of himself to the Lord's service. He told us when he went to college that he wanted to do everything he possibly could in the next four years, including mission trips. He's staying very busy working, studying, participating in ministries on campus, and singing with another tour group on Sundays. In fact, I haven't spoken to him directly in over two weeks because he hasn't been in his room on the weekend for me to call him!

Please pray for our boy as he takes yet another step of faith. As a mother, I'm concerned for his health and safety while outside the country, but more importantly, we want him to see the Lord work in a mighty way as this new church starts in The Philippines!


  1. Hi fellow IFBer! :)

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  2. Hi, Jessica! I'm glad to meet a fellow IFB pastor's wife. Sorry my email wouldn't work for you - I don't know why. Let me email you and we'll talk about your blog!

  3. ok! My email is ...the email you just sent me comes back as a "no-reply" address, but I hope you can contact me.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity! I know what you mean about the mixed emotions from missions trips our kids went on.

  5. I know my kids are in God's hands, and I have peace about the things they do. But I also have a mother's heart that tends to think "what if". I'm a slow learner! ;)

  6. Wow, good for Samuel! What a life changing trip this will be for him. So glad he has that opportunity.

  7. Susan....This is so cool.
    WOW, he is really being lead by the Lord. The Lord indeed has plans for that sone of yours,it is so evident as we all watch it unfold. It is also neat to know as we have several from my church at WBC...


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