Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday in Review - October 26, 2008

Nothing really new to report this week. We had our usual group yesterday, although our building was still cold. There is still no heat, and this is a community recreation centre! I don't know what they do during the week. I heard a lady as we were leaving yesterday discussing a seniors' group that was coming in next, and how they would keep them warm. To top it off, right in the middle of the service yesterday the power went off. Our rooms are very bright, with lots of windows, so we were able to continue our service and have Sunday school. Our keyboard is electric, and we got through the song service before the power went off - so praise the Lord anyway!

We're beginning to see good attendance on Sunday nights also. Last night we had 15, which is 60% of our Sunday morning attendance. How many churches, large or small, have that good a percentage back on Sunday night? We are thankful to the Lord for our faithful people! We have almost that many for Thursday night Bible study too, and Wes is still having one-on-one Bible study on Wednesday night with one of the men. We're seeing growth all around!


  1. I'm so glad your service went so well and that you were able to have the music before the power went out. So sorry it's cold, though. Sunday nights at our church have good attendance, too. Personally, I love the Sunday and Wednesday night services more than the Sunday morning. More relaxed, yet more bible study.

    God bless you - Julie

  2. Julie, I've always loved the less-formal Sunday night and midweek services too. Not that we're all that formal on Sunday morning, mind you! LOL


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