Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday in Review - October 19, 2008

We had another great weekend here! It's been a busy one, though. I have begun my turn teaching again, and I'll have the class until the beginning of the year. I missed teaching, but I really enjoyed getting to hear my husband preach and just be in the service for a few weeks.

On Saturday we went out to eat with a couple from our church. They took us to Montana's Cookhouse, and the food was delicious! They were commenting on how much they love the beans there, so when the beans arrived, I took a good look at them to see what kind they were. Wes took a bite and realized they were Ranch Style beans, which we've eaten for years - they're a staple down south! We can't buy them here, but we get them at Wal Mart in Washington every month, so yesterday I took them a can of their very own! ;) Now they can have Montana's beans at home. This couple also gave Wes a new tie and a sweet card for Pastor Appreciation Month. They've only been with us since May, but they have found their place in our church and our hearts - thanks, Ken and Carrol for being a part of us!

We had our usual crowd on Sunday, which is always a blessing. Our rec centre's heaters are out right now, and have been for the past two weeks. The staff has provided little space heaters - and I mean tiny ones - that knock the chill off the room, but we all keep our coats on! Hopefully the heat will be fixed before next week.

Last night, Wes presented a mission project to our people, which I'll tell you about in the next post. We knew our folks were generous givers, but last night they proved it. Not only did the church as a whole approve a large amount of money to go to this project, but several people gave above that amount. Wes and I know from personal experience that you can't outgive God, and we are praying for and expecting God's blessings upon our church family for their heart for missions and for their willingness to give sacrificially. The answer during hard economic times is not to hoard and save; it's giving more (Luke 6:38). How we praise God for our church family!


  1. I'll be praying that the heat is working by Sunday. It's hard for me to imagine you using heaters when it's still in the 80's down here. :)

  2. What a wonderful -- if a bit chilly -- day!

    I grew up eating ranch style beans. Unfortunately my family doesn't like beans. :-(

  3. It's not all that cold outside yet - but it's chilly and damp, making the cold feel worse than it is. The building is a block building, which is cold anyway.

    Wes loves beans! I hate them, so I only eat them when I have to, but out of all beans, I like ranch style the best.


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