Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Pics from the Retreat

Here are some pictures of the decorations at the couples' retreat, posted by Deanna, one of my friends here. I didn't think to take any pics of the decorations, but Wes took a few of different things throughout the day. I'll get them uploaded soon and share some of them with you. In the meantime, go look at the ones from Deanna!

Thanks for posting these, Deanna! You helped me cheat! ;)


  1. I'm subscribed to Deanna's blog, too, but didn't realize that was the same retreat you were on! I may have even found her through a link from you, I don't remember.

  2. Hey I saw your son at Lancaster today! We are there for the Missions Conference. He looked well!

  3. You probably did find her through my blog, Barbara. Deanna goes to the church that sponsored us into Canada, and we see each other at church events that our churches attend together.

    Sarah, I'm so glad you got to see Sam yesterday! He was supposed to be in 3 different churches with his tour group - you must have seen him at the early service?

  4. Actually it was Saturday! We were going to the Missionary registration meeting, and I saw him hurrying here and there. Then during the meeting I had to take my squirmy son out because he was making noise. There were two other ladies holding little boys, and one of them had two in her arms. Sam came walking by and one of the boys (About 18 months) lunged at him! Sam took him and stood there. For some reason little missionary boys love your son! It was pretty funny.

    I'm so excited about the mission's trip! It's such a great opportunity. I'll be in prayer for him!

  5. I got mixed up on the days, then. He does stay pretty busy. When Wes was there for Leadership Conference, he rarely saw Sam, although they roomed together at night.

    Samuel has that calmness about him that comforts babies. He just holds them and doesn't try to entertain them or anything. They just seem to trust him. Some sweet girl will like that quality! ;)

  6. Oh that brings back many memories! Yes is it busy, busy, busy during event weeks! It's lots of fun seeing so many of my beloved friends and old schoolmates on deputation and furlough, even though we can't sit down for long.


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