Monday, October 06, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For October 6, 2008

Outside my gray, dreary, and cool, but it's not raining. At least not yet - that's expected later today!

I am thinking...that I miss my husband. He's been in NC since Friday for a couple of family reunions.

From the learning rooms...English and Chemistry. Need I say more?

I am thankful for...the willingness of our church members to remain faithful even when the pastor is away. That means a lot to my husband and to me.

From the kitchen...I'm thinking about experimenting with some sugar-free cookies.

I am wearing...long khaki skirt, brown tee

I am reading...nothing but my Bible again this week

I am have more Etsy sales this week - thank you to my buyers from last week (you know who you are!)

I am creating...Christmas cards from old cards

I am hearing...Andrew working on his computer for school

Around the house...working in my kitchen this week - my fridge stinks, even though I've cleaned it. I may just have to take everything out and wash the entire thing. I have been so unmotivated to do housework lately!

One of my favorite things...reconnecting with old friends, which I've been doing the past couple of weeks as my high school class has its reunion this weekend (which I am unable to attend - it's in SC)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...we have a huge weekend coming up - Couples' Retreat, potluck dinner on Sunday after church (Thanksgiving is next Monday here), a visit to Greater Vancouver Baptist on Sunday night, then Thanksgiving on Monday. Which will be low-key for us because of the busy weekend. Oh, and our anniversary is Sunday!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Twenty-four years ago next Sunday! I'll try to scan in another photo or two this week. I can't believe it's been so long already!


  1. Wow! Is that you and brother Hutchen in the picture? You two looks great! Happy Anniversary!

  2. LOL!!! Yep, that's us! We were a lot skinnier back then, huh? We were only 19 years old.

  3. What a sweet picture! Wow, you do have a busy weekend ahead!

  4. Barbara, Wes is feeling the pinch of the weekend now too. He had not originally planned to be out of town last weekend, so now he has 2 Bible studies and 2 sermons to prepare for this week, with the couples' retreat in the middle. You might pray for this preacher's family this week! :)


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