Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's All Set

I've been running around and making phone calls for the past two days, beginning preparation for our annual Ladies' Christmas Brunch. The date is set, the speaker is invited and has accepted, and the rooms have been reserved. I'm so excited! This year I was able to get rooms at the Mollie Nye House here in North Vancouver, a little heritage house run by the Seniors' Association and open for community and private groups to use for their functions. It's always decorated beautifully, inside and out, for the Christmas holiday. It's just perfect for our size group. Now I'm praying that all of our ladies will be able to attend!


  1. Oh, I hope so too! It sounds like it will be very lovely.


  2. I know it is such a relief to have those details set! Hope all does well and many can attend.


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