Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eatin' Crow

I have to eat a little crow left over from yesterday's post. My good friend Barbara pointed out in the comments that the article I referenced about Tina Fey seemed to imply that she was more bummed about having to play Sarah Palin for four years than she was about Palin winning the election, although both Barbara and I are pretty sure she won't be overjoyed if Palin wins. I didn't read the article carefully enough, and so my post was misinformation. A classic blogging mistake, one that I have tried very hard not to make.

I was inclined to just let it go. But then I remembered a comment I got privately from someone who had misunderstood my words and thought that I wasn't interested in the election and didn't care who won - presumably because we don't live in the US anymore. I was very quick to respond that she had not read my words correctly, to please read them again, and to correct that bit of misinformation if she had told anyone that I wasn't interested in the election. I was upset that she hadn't read my words carefully enough to understand what I meant, and I wasn't happy about it.

This morning I realized I'd done basically the same thing. I don't think I was far off the mark in this case, but I am guilty of not reading carefully enough. So I apologize to my dear friend for popping off at her that way. And I apologize to my readers for not making sure that I was posting with integrity. I don't like the liberal politicians and Hollywood, but that's no reason for me to stoop to changing their words and using them for my benefit.

So take that article for what it's worth, pray for our nation, and go vote your conscience on Tuesday!

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