Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's in a Kitchen?

I was just browsing through my Bloglines after supper, and saw Kelli's post about her fall kitchen decorations. I really loved this post, not just because her decorations are so beautiful and her kitchen so warm and homey . . . but because her kitchen actually looks like one that I would have!

The availability of blogs is a good thing, and I love looking at decorating ideas, but so many times I find myself looking around my house, which is very not full of the latest decor, furniture, cabinet finishes, or flooring, and thinking that something must be missing. Wrong!!! I was so thrilled to see a kitchen that isn't full of the latest appliances and finishes. It reminded me that happiness in my home doesn't come from having granite countertops or ceramic tile floors; it comes from me and how I love my home and family. I don't even have to have the latest decor trends for it to be welcoming for our friends and comfortable for my family.

Contentment is a battle I face quite regularly. From what I've read from other ladies, it's not uncommon. Let's remember, as we look at all that beautiful decorating we see in those new and/or remodeled homes, that we are so blessed to have a home of any size or age, and we can make it truly home just by caring for it and making it comfortable - even if it isn't the latest fashion. And from what I've seen of Kelli's blog, she's doing just that!

Thanks, Kelli, for showing us your wonderful, comfy kitchen!


  1. Good point. So often we feel deprived without the latest "stuff." I love Kelli's simplicity in decorating as well -- nice little touches, nothing overdone or expensive.

  2. There for a while I had this very struggle.
    Now, I'm just glad they are blessed and see fit to share. I feel like blessings are to share after all.☺

  3. This is true Susan. My kitchen is decorated in early "1984". But you know what? I still love it! Most of my friends and family have redecorated several times by now. I still have the same stove which could use replacing, but still works. I just know how to baby it. We had to replace the flooring because of rotten wood at the back door a couple of years ago. I have a lot of chicken stuff. I am thankful to have it my kitchen!

  4. The same thoughts went through my mind when I saw that post. Her kitchen looks like it's lived in, not just a picture in a magazine. :)

  5. My aunt is Christian and she's come up from Texas. My mum would love to take her to a good evangelical church she could be comfortable at on Sunday. Can they attend yours? Do you have services every week -- do people just show up? I am not Christian.

  6. Leslie, your aunt and mum would be welcome in our service anytime. Our meeting place and times are on our church website, which is linked in the left sidebar. We are a small, conservative Baptist church where anyone is welcome. I hope to meet your family soon!


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