Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday in Review - September 21, 2008

I am so excited tonight! We had a couple visit our church this morning who found us through our newspaper ad. They seemed to really enjoy our service this morning, and afterward the man told Wes he'd like to have a one-on-one Bible study. They came back to church tonight, and Wes set up a time to have Bible study this week. They are also planning to come to our regular Thursday night Bible study in our home. This man had been looking for a Baptist church to go to, and he said he loved how Wes preached straight from the Bible this morning, and that is what he was looking for. This is exciting for us, to see a person hungry for God and His Word! We love and treasure each person in our church family, and it's exciting as God brings new people into our lives each week. We're still seeking people out each week by going into neighborhoods, talking to people and handing out literature - basically meeting people and letting them know there's a church nearby - and although we don't see direct results in people coming whom we've talked to, we do see people come in who have received a flyer or seen our ad in the paper. Once again, proof that God builds the church, not us!

Beth had a good time in Sunday school this week. I think she's getting more accustomed to it, and so are the kids. I sure have enjoyed being in the church service the past two Sundays!

Bob was at Bible study Thursday night and both services today. He seems to be recovering from his injury very well. He is our front-door greeter, and it was good to see him back out there this morning with the bulletins as people came in!

So we had a good day today; I hope yours was good as well! Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow I can really feel your excitement, I'm excited for you.

    That's a pretty big deal, we missionaries can relate to your joy.

    Great Sunday, Praise God!

  2. I am so glad for your new visitors! And glad you had a great Sunday.

  3. I am SO excited, Tori! You know how it is, I know!

    Thanks, Barbara! We're constantly amazed at how God brings people our way. We work and work to get people to come, then the ones we work on don't come, but someone else does that just saw the ad in the paper! LOL

  4. Yay for more visitors! How great that Bob was able to be at church, too. ;)


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