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Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer is hosting a Laborious meme in honor of Labor Day. Only this labor is the kind that results in a baby. Wes teases that we ladies use labor stories as our "war stories" because we all love to tell them. So for you guys (and anyone else who might be squeamish about this subject), you might want to skip this one!

How long were your labors?

Baby #1 - 9 hours
Baby #2 - 9 hours
Baby #3 - 8 hours

How did you know you were in labor?

Baby #1 - Induced (one week overdue and beginning stages of toxemia)
Baby #2 - Water broke
Baby #3 - Steady contractions that didn't stop no matter what I did

Where did you deliver?

All three were delivered in Air Force hospitals - first one at Ellsworth AFB, SD; last two at Carswell AFB, TX


Pitocin to start contractions with the first, then morphine several hours in to help with the pain (it didn't, so I said I'd never do that again)

Pitocin to speed up labor with the second - had Nurse Ice Queen who insisted that since it was going to hurt anyway, I might as well have the Pit to hurt more intensely for a shorter amount of time. Don't you just love the logical ones?

No drugs with the third.



Who delivered?

Nurse/midwife with first - Air Force female colonel

Air Force doctor with second - not my regular family doctor - this man was on call that day, and I had never seen him before. This was a teaching hospital, and he was teaching a young lieutenant that day. I got to be the real-live body for them to practice on!

Air Force family doctor with third - wonderful, wonderful man - left me alone till I was ready to deliver, and that was that! This third doctor witnessed the one and only occasion I have ever told my husband to shut up. The two of them were joking, as I stood in the doctor's exam room waiting for a wheelchair to take me up to labor & delivery. I had just had a huge contraction - standing up - and for some reason their joking just didn't set quite right with me - so I turned around and growled through clenched teeth, "SHUT. UP." And they did! ;) And I delivered about 30 minutes later. And I was happy again.
Do you like labor stories? Shannon has a Mr. Linky set up for others to post their stories!


  1. That last story is funny!

    When I was in labor I just wanted everyone to leave me alone and come and catch the baby when it was time.

    I remember with my second one, my husband and the dr. were having a pleasant chat, and I wished I could join in. I just didn't have the energy. Usually with office visits there might be a bit of pleasant chit-chat, but there is a waiting room full of people, so it's down to business pretty quickly. And here the dr. was relaxed and just waiting with us for the baby to come, and I just wanted them all to go away/ :-)

  2. What an interesting meme. I don't know if I can remember all of the details but I do know both of my children weighed 9 lb's at birth...argggg!!!!

  3. I have enjoyed reading these Labor Day meme's. It's been fun to hear everyone's stories.

    Thank you dear one for sharing yours!

    September blessings,

  4. Love the 'shut up'! My husband showed up from visitation with a tie on when I was in made a handy place to grab and ...complain about his lateness!

  5. That is so funny about telling Brother Wess to Shut Up. Hehe I'm sure he understood.

    I'm going to do this one. Looks like fun.



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