Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Everyday Stuff

What a beautiful "fall" day we've had! I put quotes around "fall" because it's so warm and sunny - so unusual for this time of year. We're really enjoying these last few days of perfect weather, because it's supposed to return to normal weather later this week - cold and rainy, which makes for cozy afternoons and evenings and fall decorating.

Wes and I had our monthly grocery run today. We had a nice time just being together. I got a paper-crafting magazine at Wal Mart and a few one-dollar things at Michaels, as well as new cutting blades for my paper trimmer. I bought some blades last week, only to find that although they look like they would work in my trimmer, they don't; they're made for a newer style. I looked in several places over the past few days, but I couldn't find the ones for my older trimmer until today. I was so thrilled to find them! I was afraid I was going to have to buy a new trimmer, and I've only had mine for about 3 years.

I also talked to my parents while we were on the road. We have a pay-as-you-go cell phone that we use in the US to avoid the roaming charges on our regular phones. I figured the trip would be a good time to make a call. They seem to be doing well, except that my mom's blood pressure is acting up. She's resting and taking medicine, so I hope to hear that she's all better in a day or two. Rest up, Mother! :)

That's about it for today. I really do hope to get back to something more than "this is what we did today!" LOL

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