Saturday, September 13, 2008

It Was a Ride!

I just got an email from one of my friends in the Houston area. She and her family are fine. They were only without power for about 16 hours or so - when they'd been told they could be without power for up to 2 weeks! They had some damage to their carport and greenhouse from a tree falling, but no water damage. They were up all night, of course, but other than that, all is well with them.

The other family actually got some sleep, and no damage at all to their house. Praise the Lord for His protection over our friends!

Sibyl left a comment that she lives in Houston. Hope all went well with her too.


  1. I have family (mostly unsaved) in the Houston area. They lost power around 2 a.m. -- I don't know if they've got it back yet. But otherwise I don't think they had any major damage.

  2. I am glad your friends are okay!

    I live in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area and we got lots of wind and rain all day but that's it. No damage or power outages thankully.

    God be with those who lost homes and loved ones.


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