Friday, September 05, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #3: Routines

Routines? If you only knew my battle to find and keep a routine! Actually, for many years my routine was to have no routine. But over the years, and bit of a routine emerged, and now I can say we do have a loose routine - not a strict schedule, by any means, but at least a "regular course of procedure," as Merriam-Webster says.

I get up at 6:30, take my shower, then wake my husband. I dress while he showers, then have my personal devotions. As I head downstairs for my devotions, the kids begin to stir and get their showers and dress. We have breakfast between 8:00 and 8:30, after which we have our family devotions. The kids have daily chores to do, and then they start school; school is usually in full swing by 9:30. Since they are in high school, most of their work is independent, although their dad or I are available to help should they need us (my husband is a full-time pastor who works from home). I try to get my housework done first thing in the morning, mainly because I want to get it out of the way so I can do something more fun! ;) I can usually get it done early enough to get in some study time myself before lunch - anything from Sunday school lessons to music to high school chemistry, which I'm learning along with Andrew. The kids are free to take a break when they need one, and only occasionally do we have to direct them back to their work! ;)

We have lunch around 12:30, then the kids go back to schooling while I have some computer time or finish anything that may need to be done. Beth and I go to the gym at 2:00. Andrew enjoys graphic design, so he is usually working on something computer-related in the afternoons after he finishes school. We have supper at 5:00, then our evenings are free for whatever comes up for us to do. This is when I do any grading that needs to be done.

Being a pastor's family, with our husband/dad at home with us, our routine is likely to be interrupted or shifted at any time. I've learned flexibility over years, which is one reason I've never had a time-controlled schedule - I just get incredibly frustrated when I'm trying to get my schedule done and someone or something interrupts it. Since my people are my job, it doesn't work well for me to be upset with them for messing up my schedule! Even this week, the first week of school, no two days have been alike. We just try to go with the flow.

As you can see, we are a very relaxed family. I'm afraid our "routine" is not very inspiring or exciting, but it works for us. To get some real inspiration, visit Home School Blog Awards and see how others order their homeschool days!


  1. Thanks for sharing you "routine" My kiddos are still younger but we follow a similar "loose" routine as opposed to a strict schedule.

  2. Ugh, chemistry was my worst subject besides geometry! I have a feeling that I will be relearning that with dd. :D

  3. Hello!

    I really enjoyed reading your routine; thanks for sharing. I like the idea of being a little flexible -- it keeps me from getting grouchy when something needs to be switched around:)

    Take Care,



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