Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Date and Catching Up

Wes and I were able to have a date this evening, after several weeks of having other things to do, like youth activities. When you're the pastor and family of a small church and there's no one else to do it - you become the youth director too and have to go get to go to all the youth activities. Anyway, we took some time for ourselves today, combined with a necessary trip down to the nearest US post office to mail prayer letters for this month. We stopped for dinner on the way back and just took our time coming home.

As I was in Michael's - doesn't everyone go to Michael's on dates? - Wes sat in the car and made a couple of phone calls on our "American" phone (prepaid minutes we keep for use when we're in the US). One of the calls was to our son Sam. Please excuse my mama pride as I tell you this news! Samuel determined when he went to college to get involved in anything and everything he could. This year he's in college choir, minoring in speech and drama, and is on the drama team, which is performing a play commemorating the life of Dr. Tom Malone this semester. Samuel auditioned for the play . . . and he got the lead - he's playing Dr. Malone! I think the boy is slightly crazy for attempting so much in one semester - he's carrying 19 credits this semester and working part time in addition to choir and drama - but at the same time I'm very proud of him for working so hard.

We had a full house - literally - for Bible study last night! It was exciting to have every chair that we own filled, and people sticking around for fellowship afterward too. We are beginning to feel a sense of family among our people, not just a group of people getting together for church. That's what happens when people pray and work together for the Lord! Wes and I are just praising the Lord for how He is working among our people and bringing new people across our paths. Please continue praying for people to be saved.

Speaking of churches growing, my sister Robyn and her husband, Clark, missionaries in Mexico, are seeing people saved almost every week, and the work is just overflowing for them. God is blessing their hard work! When I have more time, I'll share a bit of their updates with you.

My husband is hinting around that he's about ready for bed, so I'll get off of here and go to bed too. Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations to Sam! I wish I had gotten more involved in other things while in college. But it took me five years to graduate as it was.

    That's so neat about your church melding together.

  2. Way to go, Sam! :)

    Glad you and your hubby were able to have a special evening together. Michael's sounds like a good place to me! :)

  3. Thanks, Barbara! I know that if I had gone to college, I would have been too shy to get involved in more than just classes. My mom had to make me try out for senior high choir in high school! LOL So I'm glad to see my children branching out and stretching themselves.

    Mrs. C, Wes and I had a nice time. It's so amazing how just some time to unwind keeps us going. And Wes doesn't go in Michael's (I think he's afraid something will bite him!), hence the phone calls in the car! ;)


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