Friday, August 01, 2008

We're Home!

We are home again after a wonderful week away getting to know each other again! That sounds weird, I'm sure, from someone whose husband works from home, whom she is with almost 24/7. But let me tell you, sometimes when you are together all the time, you each get busy on your own things, and you kind of get used to each other. And you don't connect like you should. That's where we were. We needed the time alone to reconnect. And we did!

We stayed in a beautiful suite overlooking the sand dunes, with the ocean in the distance. We could drive or walk down to the beach, and the little town had a few things to do. Tuesday, when we arrived, the weather was horrible - cold rain, strong winds, just blech. But Wednesday was gorgeous, with lots of sun and clouds and warm temps. We spent that day lounging around the house, only going out to play miniature golf in the afternoon and to eat that evening. We made our way home on Thursday by way of ferries. The first one was not fun. It was a smaller old ferry that tossed and dipped and rolled with every wind and wave. I am not one to get motion sickness, but this one was getting to me. I was definitely glad when we got to Victoria, BC. There was a little girl near us, who every time the ferry would sway would cry, "I don't liiiiiiike iiiiit!!!" I sympathized with her! The BC ferry was much bigger, almost brand new, and gave us a much smoother ride. The weather was, once again, horrid, but we were snug inside the ferry, so it didn't really matter all that much.

We saw Sam and his tour group on Monday evening. It was nice to put faces with the names we've been hearing all summer, and to sort out the personalities of the guys. We had dinner with all the group, their chaperon, and the pastor and youth pastor of the church they had sung in the night before. They guys sang in the restaurant, and then again at the police department on the way home (the youth pastor is a chaplain at the police department). It wasn't much time with our boy, but enough for me to see that he's still alive and hasn't forgotten who I am. The group arrives at our house a week from tomorrow to sing for our church next Sunday.

So now we're back and have hit the ground running. August will be a busy month for us, but it will bring all of my chickies back into my nest for a few days here and there, and for a whole week at the end of the month, so I'm a happy mama.

Thank you all for your wishes for a good time this week. It was great! Talk to you later.


  1. I am so glad you had a good time...btw..we had a bit of rain this morning..but now it is beautiful out....

  2. Hi, Deby! I thought of you when we were visiting Sam in your area. I was telling Wes about you - he gets all my blog friends mixed up. Maybe we'll get to meet someday soon!


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