Friday, August 08, 2008

To Answer Another Question

If you've read the comments to my post yesterday about Canadian Health Care, you know that Deborah, a Canadian friend in Manitoba, has been generously sharing how the medical system works in her province. I've talked to Wes about our discussion, and he said he's pretty sure that each province has its own guidelines for health care, while the federal government subsidizes health care overall.

Deborah brought up another subject today, the Child Tax Credit. We were surprised when we filed our Canadian taxes for the first time to find that we can receive this tax credit! We just said, "Praise the Lord!" Deborah had this question about this type of tax credit in the US:
Just out of the US, do you get a monthy check for each child? We used to call it Family it's the Child Tax Credit.
Deborah, instead of a monthly allotment, the US has an Earned Income Credit for each child that is sent as a lump sum along with your income tax refund. We qualified for that in the US, just as we do here, and I think I like the monthly payments better.

I'm enjoying this discussion, and I hope to have more to say on the topic of health care soon. We're pretty busy right now with preparations for the weekend, so it might be delayed till next week, but we'll get back to it.


  1. The child tax credit has been great. Too bad we'll end up losing it if certain people get in office, seeing they've already said that would be the first thing to go.
    I've enjoyed it! lol


  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I just enjoy your site so much. It is uplifting, encouraging, informative, and you are always so very gracious. Thank you for posting frequently. v from n. Idaho

  3. Aw, Kristi, I hadn't heard about that. I know we really appreciated it in the US, and here too. It sure helps with dentist visits and things like that!

    V - you always have an encouraging word for me, and I appreciate that so much! I beg you . . . please keep reading! ;)


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