Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday in Review - August 31, 2008

Autumn Colors and First Baptist Church of South Londonderry, Vermont, USA by Charles Sleicher
Autumn Colors and First Baptist Church of South Londonderry, Vermont, USA

It seemed like August would never end. We have been so busy this month, with Friend Day, each of the boys coming home, and Wes taking Sam back to college - with all the other everyday things squished in the middle. I, personally, am glad to see September roll around this year; it means we can get back to a more normal schedule. Maybe.

Today was a gorgeous day. We had a blue sky with big puffy clouds, and the temperature was just about perfect. Being a holiday weekend, of course, our numbers were down just a bit this morning. At first it looked like we'd only have a handful of people, but one by one, more people trickled in. We had one first-time visitor today, a lady who received one of our flyers way back when we first started our church. Her husband has been ill for the past few years, and she wasn't able to leave him to come to church, even though she lives nearby. He has just been placed in a care facility, though, so she came and visited with us this morning. She also came back tonight! We hope she'll be able to come back.

Sunday school today focused on Back to School. Actually, to school for the first time, as I have only preschoolers! ;) Anyway, I taught a lesson on doing our best for God, using the parable that Jesus taught about the master and his three servants, whom he gave money and had them increase it. Each of two servants doubled their money, but one servant went and hid his in the ground, because he didn't feel he could please his master anyway. When the master returned, the one who hid his money was pronounced unprofitable to his master. I hope I got the point across that we are to do our best with the talents God has given us. I think I may have, as at one point, the three-year-old boy stood up and said, "My Mommy washes the dishes!" I had been explaining that we should help Mommy at home and do our best at the jobs she asks us to do. I asked if he helped Mommy with the dishes and if he does his very best to help her, and he said "Yesssss!" each time. So maybe he understood a little of what I was getting at! ;) Then we had muffins and juice and went outside to play on the playground for the last 10 minutes of class. We've never done that before, so that was a special treat that the kids really loved.

Our church member Bob, who was hurt last Saturday night, is still mending from his injuries. He was unable to be at church today, and his wife is out of town visiting their daughter in another province. We're hoping he makes some good progress in his recovery this week.

Well, on to school! I always look forward to the start of a new school year. I hope each of you had a wonderful day at church. Enjoy your new week!

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  1. So glad you had a first time visitor yesterday! Praying your school year is a great one. ;)


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