Monday, August 18, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

August 18, 2008

Outside My Window...

It's early morning - much earlier than usual! We've just come through a record-breaking heat wave. Yesterday was terribly hot and sticky. Now it's raining, but it's still warm and sticky. But at least the heat wave is over!

I am thinking...

About our boys coming home this week

I am thankful for...

Last week was good - I got a lot accomplished toward school

From the kitchen...

Beef and gravy from leftover roast beef - a favorite of Samuel's

I am wearing...

A floral print skirt, tee shirt, and sandals

I am creating...

Maybe I'll finish my dress this week, and I hope to make a crochet-edge baby blanket for a friend back in Texas who had a baby and nobody even told me she was pregnant (I'll have to tell you the story!)

I am going...

With my husband to pick up Samuel from the airport today

I am reading...

I am hoping...

That the summer heat is over - we had enough last week

I am hearing...

Our downstairs neighbor leaving for work.

Around the house...

Let's see . . . this week I'll be focusing on my bedroom and ensuite bath - that bath really needs a good scrub!

One of my favorite things...

A cool bath on a hot night, then stretching out on cool sheets

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

We are wide open with our week. Samuel is home for just this week, and Andrew gets home Saturday. Next week is full . . . but this week is pretty relaxed.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...(add your picture here)

I'll have to tell you this story too. This is our friend, Sophie, landing after paragliding off of nearby Grouse Mountain.

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  1. We both have boys coming home this week! I enjoyed the Song of Arcadia series.

  2. what a cool picture!

    Have a great week!

  3. We're also having a pretty laid-back week (have to really as our car is out of action!). Love the picture!

  4. Hi. I enjoyed your Daybook. I hope you have a great week!


  5. I bet both are pretty good stories. Can't wait to read them.

    Have a great week!

  6. Barbara, isn't it great to have all the kiddos home?!!

    Marye, thanks for stopping by. The picture is cool, and watching this lady come in for a landing was cool, too. She's quite a character! LOL

    Chrissy, sorry to hear about your car! I hope it's back up and going again soon.

    Susan, thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words!

    Kadesmom, thanks for stopping by. I've got one story up and the other will be up tomorrow, hopefully.


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