Monday, August 18, 2008

I Need to Tell This Story

First, let me say that our firstborn boy is home, safe and sound. We spent the day doing our monthly shopping, then stopped and picked him up at the airport on the way home. He was tired and hungry, but we fixed that (the hungry part, anyway - the tired part is up to him to fix). We're looking forward to this week with him, and on Saturday our second boy will get home. I think he and I are both ready for that.

Now, to my story. The story I mentioned this morning about my friend having a baby. I got an instant message last Friday from another friend, asking if I knew that T had had my baby boy this week. I think she must have meant "a" baby boy and was in a hurry (no harm done, D!), but at the moment, all I could think of was that she had meant to say that yet another mutual friend had had Samuel at her house, which really happened a couple of weeks ago - are you confused yet? I was at the time, and I was wondering how she had gotten T confused with C, especially since they live so far apart.

So I said the only thing that came to my mind: "What on earth are you talking about?" I'm gracious like that. Then she said, "First, you knew that T was pregnant, right?" That right there was my clue that I really didn't know what she was talking about. So she proceeded to tell me that yes, T had been pregnant, but not any more, because she'd had a bouncing baby boy on Wednesday, and he was named after his father.

His father. I have a bone to pick with this man. You might recall that I've mentioned a few times that some friends of ours are coming to visit us soon. Like next week. So the husband of this couple - the father of this baby - has talked to my husband several times over the past six weeks or so, planning this trip, the last time being last Monday. As in two days before Wednesday, the day the baby was born. And he never once mentioned that there was any baby on the way or that it was due or anything like that. What is it with men and babies???

So when I see this man next Tuesday, I will punch him. Yes I will. Because he didn't even mention the fact that his wife would not be coming to visit us because she would be recovering from childbirth. And Beth and I were so looking forward to seeing T!

In all fairness, around the time T was finding out she was expectant, lots of things were happening back home and we were losing contact with lots of our old friends. We were only hearing news through the grapevine, and apparently everyone who knew this bit of wonderful news either didn't think to mention it or assumed we already knew. No biggie, just a big shock! We are thrilled to pieces for A and T and their other children - and A better be bringing a picture with him!

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