Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Doctor's Appointments and Stuff

Well, it was back to the doctor for me today. Nothing major, though. Remember when I went a month ago, had a new doctor, and she gave me a new medication and got me an appointment with an endocrinologist? The new medicine she gave me is very expensive, so it's not covered by the basic insurance that we have. The doctor can request a review of my case, though, and ask that the medicine be covered for me. I called my doctor last week for him to get this rolling for me, and of course, he wanted to see me first. I was a little scared that he was going to be upset that the other doctor had added a medication and sent me to a specialist while he had his back turned, so to speak. I don't know how doctors handle that kind of thing. I wouldn't like it, but what do I know about how doctors work together?

So anyway, I went in today not knowing quite what to expect. It turns out that he really did need to talk to me in order to get the paperwork started for the approval of the new medication. He needed to know how much I weigh (ick - I gained back that 3 pounds I lost!), how the medicine is working for me, when I'm going to the specialist . . . and I had to sign the request form too. He gave me two more weeks' worth of samples, and reminded me, ever so gently, that lifestyle changes are the most effective. Ouch. He would have to say that, wouldn't he?

Now it's a waiting game. It will take about two weeks to hear from the insurance company, and my appointment with the specialist is in two weeks. One thing that may make the committee refuse the request is that my 3-month blood sugar average is not all that bad, just 1/10 of a point higher than the highest level the doctors recommend. On the other hand, my morning fasting levels are far higher - like 90 points higher - than they should be, and this medicine helps bring those morning numbers down. So it's an iffy situation, and I'd appreciate your prayers that the medicine would be approved for coverage. Thanks!


  1. Will definitely be praying!

    How does the insurance work with being in Canada? As Americans do you have to get your own insurance coverage, or are you covered at all under Canada's health care system?

  2. Thanks for your prayers, Barbara!

    I'm going to answer your question about insurance in a post. It got rather long for a comment! ;)


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