Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here's the email from my in-laws, missionaries in Jamaica, that I received this morning. They are on the eastern end of the island, near Kingston. Please keep them in prayer as you hear the weather reports about this tropical storm!

"Good morning, It is 8:00 AM, Thursday, August 28. TS Gustav is about 25 miles east of Jamaica. Right now we have cloudy skies. We have had some showers during the night. We are battened down and waiting. The winds are still mild but gradually getting stronger. We will send out another report later. Jamaica's policy is to close down the power generators when the winds reach a certain point. Before that goes, the water will go off and the cable will be shut off. We have two water tanks with about 1000 gal. of water. We have drinking water stored. We cook with gas. We have tin foods. So we are prepared. Pray for us as we come to mind. Also pray for Connie Anderson in Haiti. God bless and have a good day.
Wesley and Evelyn Hutchens"


  1. I was thinking of both your in-laws and Mrs. Anderson this morning while I was watching the weather. Praying for their safety!

  2. (((Praying)))

    Also my wee grandson is in an orphanage in Haiti...he will be a year old tomorrow. Please pray for his safety!

  3. We'll be praying!


  4. Thank you all for praying for our in-laws. We haven't heard from them since that email this morning, but we trust that the Lord is taking good care of them.

    Tammy, we will definitely be praying for your little grandson too!


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