Monday, August 11, 2008

Friend Day: The Short Version

Hello, my bloggy friends! I wanted to check in quickly and let you know that our Friend Day was a success! We had 38 people present, 13 of whom were first-time visitors, plus our special singing group from West Coast Baptist College. Which, incidentally, included our son. Just in case you didn't know.

Our church members got excited about this day several weeks ago, and we've had people inviting and working and praying to get their friends and family to come to church with them. Ten of our visitors were there because someone specifically invited them. The other three came because they got a flyer on their door advertising our big day. I found out that this family lives in the apartment complex where Beth and I distributed flyers - woohooo! A lesson we learned a long time ago about inviting people to church is that you have to ask an average of ten people to get one to come. Our people handed out 2,500 flyers - and three people came because of a flyer. Some people might think that's a poor return on the work invested, but . . . if those three people come to know the Lord through a flyer on their door, then all the work is worth it. So those of you working hard to get people to church, don't give up! That's directed at me, too, by the way.

I will have some pictures to post maybe later today, but definitely tomorrow. My house exploded. Beth and I cooked most of the day Saturday, then the tour group got here. Sunday was a long day that started early by cooking breakfast for ten and packing in everything we needed at the church for the services and the meal. When we got home yesterday afternoon and the tour group left, we just kind of slumped down in the living room, took off our shoes, and chilled.

School starts in three weeks. Our boys are coming home next week. The week after that we have a youth group coming for a mission trip (one day) and Wes and Andrew are taking Sam back to college and driving his car back home. This is my week to get school ready so I can enjoy my boys while they're here. I have lots of favorite dishes to cook and lots of stories to listen to and lots of hugs and laughs to share. And I am absolutely, positively thrilled about all of it! LOL

All that to say I don't have much time to write at the moment - got to get my plans made so I can quit worrying I'll forget something. Once I have my plans down, I can work some time in to blog. I hope that will be tomorrow.

Thank you all so much for your prayers for our church this weekend. The Gospel was clearly presented, so the Seed has been sown. Any increase will be shared by you!


  1. I'm so glad to hear you had visitors out! You're right, if even one person got saved through handing out those flyers it's worth it.
    We have VBS this week, and passing out flyers and talking to people at the door got some contacts who are interested is having their children attend.
    Now....when do we get to hear some more of that singing group??

  2. Praise the Lord for your visitors! You will never know the seeds that were planted as a result of all those flyers that were passed out.

  3. 13, that's GREAT! We will keep praying for more to come and souls to be saved.

    Enjoy you kiddos and tell Brian's group hi from the Smith's when they get there.

  4. Deborah, we only took still pictures at church Sunday morning - we don't have any video!

    Mrs. C, I have heard so many stories of people coming to church and/or being saved from flyers or pamphlets they got months or years before. I can't wait till we have our first one like that.

    Margaret, we'll be sure to tell the group hi from you - although you still live in the same town they do! LOL


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