Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Friend Day in Pictures: Eating Balut

My husband had the delightful idea of getting some balut for the boys in the tour group to try. A large portion of our church members are Filipino, so we have been regaled with the wonders of this delicacy for some time now. Wes had our song leader get some balut for Sunday, his intention being to see which of the boys would be man enough to eat one. He didn't know that one of the boys' dad has a church ministry that takes him to the Philippines frequently, so not only had he eaten it before, he likes it and knows how to eat it. The only other boy to try it rewarded us with some interesting faces; you can see for yourself below! He later introduced himself as "I'm John, and I don't like balut!" Notice all the Filipinos laughing! ;) One of our ladies came up to Wes and said, "Pastor, do you know what you are doing?" He said, "I know exactly what I'm doing!" LOL

Jay likes balut:

John does not!

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