Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This, That & The Other

First, I want to thank each of you who commented, praising the Lord for His very real help in getting a doctor yesterday who understands diabetes a bit better than the usual family doctor. And for the high-fives on the weight loss, even though it's such a tiny amount! It does feel good to know that the numbers are coming back down now instead of sitting like lead or inching up.

Speaking of weight gain, though, one of the side effects of the new medicine I'm taking is that it may cause fluid retention, which will appear as weight gain on the scales. And swollen ankles and hands. Ick. So I need your advice for keeping that fluid off. Wes said I need to drink lots of water, which will cause my body to shed the excess, because I'll have enough. Anything you'd like to add?

On to other things. I heard from both of our boys on Saturday. Andrew spent last week with my parents, then spent the 4th and 5th with another of Wes's brothers. He called from my brother-in-law's house. The funniest thing Andrew said to me was, "Food costs a LOT of money!" Does the boy think I don't know that already?! Part of the fun of my children becoming more independent is their finding out that life really is like we've been telling them: it's not cheap and it's not fair (that part's not fun to watch, and so far hasn't happened too much). Andrew has been subsisting on those 88-cent frozen dinners you can buy at Wal Mart. Sam told me the 33-cent Oriental noodle cups are pretty good too. What has this family come to? Frozen dinners and noodle cups. So Andrew was telling me how glad he was that he stayed with family last week, as he didn't have to buy his own food. And the food he got was not frozen or in a cup. He did buy some of the groceries though, just to help out. Some of that raisin' we did is stickin' somehow. Andrew also helped his grandmama shop for a new computer, which tickled them both; she got a new computer and Andrew got to tinker with it.

Samuel called Saturday night. His tour group has been in Oregon for the past couple of weeks. They were looking forward to the cooler weather there, but they got there at the same time the heat wave did. Poor guys; it was 104 the day they arrived in Oregon. Next week they're headed back to Lancaster for Lancaster Baptist Church's annual Spiritual Leadership Conference, then it's back to Oregon and points north for the rest of the summer. They'll be at our church on August 10th. Which means we'll get to see the boy for a little over 12 hours that weekend. Better than not at all, I say! Plus he's coming home for a week and a half later in August.

Beth will be spending two weeks at camp again this year, one as a junior counselor and one as a teen camper. Our kids have always loved camp, and she is really looking forward to going this year. The second week Wes and I are going on a mini-vacation ourselves. On July 28th, Samuel's group will be at a Singspiration at Lakewood Baptist Temple in Lakewood, WA. We're going down to see him that evening, then take a little trip over to the coast of Washington for a couple of days. Our plans? Nothing! We're going to walk on the beach, read, eat, and relax for two whole days. While Samuel sings, Andrew works, and Beth camps. The young mice are away, so the old cats are gonna play!

For those who are interested, I've begun posting again on my homemaking blog, With Heart and Hand. Since this blog focuses more on our family, and there are some men who read here occasionally, I like having homemaking things in a separate place. I hope to begin posting my menu plans there again, and I'd also like to make it a good place for ladies to get ideas for their own homemaking goals and plans.

I've rambled on enough for one day. Enjoy your evening!


  1. Love that about the old cats. :-) Hope you have a great time!

    I've been dealing with swelling in my ankles ans am supposed to have my feet up a few times through the day. The dr. also spoke of compression stockings -- so far I've avoided those. I can't imagine wearing them in this heat.

  2. YAY! Weight Loss!! As for the water, I totally agree with your husbad. Drink LOTS of water. I bought one of those two liter bottles from Dollar General and I carry it EVERYWHERE I go. That's a full eight cups, but I usually go over that. It really does work!


  3. All I know for water retention short of meds is lots and lots of water. Wes is right, the more you drink the more you'll shed.

    Sounds like your kids are getting a shot in the arm of real life, well some of it anyhow. You sound like a very proud Mama. :0)

    Oh your little get-a-way sounds like so much fun, so relaxing. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time and they'll be no rain!

  4. I have the swelling & water retention now. The dr thinks it's a blood pressure thing. He put me on water pills. I don't take them on any days where I will be going off away from home anywhere. Because I don't want to have an accident lol. Being on them makes me have to go right now lol. I now wear incontinence pads because of this. Frustrating have to go so much when I'm on them tho. I do get morning incontinence sometimes when I wake up cuz I sleep on for hrs & don't wake up in the middle of my sleep to go to the bathroom. So when I get up I am dying. Drinking at of water seems to work tho. Best wishes with it & your diabetes.

    Have a good trip! :)

  5. to help keep the water off I add some lemon to my water...seems to help...LAKEWOOD...that is my neck of the woods...ahemmmmm.....

    funny the lessons kids learn on their own...especially the $$$$ thing...
    Will check out your other blog


  6. hope you enjoy your 'vacation'.I can't wait to see your other bolg, I need all the homemakers help I can get!!LOL, organization is like a foreign language to me!!

  7. I love the other blog!

    Just an FYI you can not leave comments on it or click on the links, it gives an error about stack 47 or something like that.







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