Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday in Review - July 20, 2008

I seem to have dropped the Sunday-in-Review ball lately! Our attendance has stayed pretty steady this summer. For about three months, we had the Malaysian parents of a lady who has been visiting our church for quite a while now. They were a precious couple who came very single week they were here, and we sure do miss seeing them each week now that they've returned home. They didn't speak English very fluently, but a warm smile and handshake constitute a warm welcome in any country!

Another of our ladies has gone home to the Philippines for a summer visit with her family. She's only been gone two weeks, but already we miss her. She is our church cheerleader; she always has a smile on her face and something crazy to say. She brings excitement everywhere she goes!

We have a couple coming now who are fitting in so well with our congregation. They are very "homey" folks, so easy to talk to and fellowship with. They moved here recently from Ontario, and immediately began looking for a church that was likeminded with theirs back home. They visited with us and several other churches, and have come back to ours now. They haven't joined our church, but they are quickly finding a place in our hearts.

Sunday school was exciting this morning. We marched around the walls of Jericho and watched them fall with our shout and the sound of trumpets, leaving Rahab's house standing with her scarlet cord hanging from the window! You should have been there! Jericho was built from Jenga blocks. Rahab's house was cemented down with a double-sided photo sticker, while another sticker held her red cord over the top. The earth under Jericho was a card table (which happens to not be very stable). As we marched, we were careful not to make a sound - or touch the table - and on the seventh time around, we shouted and blew our air trumpets (along the same lines as air guitars). Miraculously, my foot came in contact with the "earth" and Jericho's walls fell down flat! Except for Rahab's house; she had left her scarlet cord in the window, trusting God to save her and her family from destruction. The lesson was greatly simplified, but I hope that my little student will always remember how she helped shout down the walls of Jericho and saw Rahab's house remain standing according to God's promise! :) And maybe she'll remember someday that God always keeps His promises - she learned that in Sunday school.

In just three weeks, on August 10th, Sam's college tour group will be with us for the morning service. We are having a special Friend Day, with a potluck dinner following the morning service and a short song service after dinner. Wes had 1,000 postcard-size Friend Day fliers made up this week, which we'll be distributing in the neighborhood surrounding our rec centre for the next two weekends. We had a stack of them at church this morning for our people to take home with them to hand out to their friends and family. I don't know what number goal Wes has for Friend Day, but our people seem excited about it, which usually translates into quite a large crowd (for our small church, anyway!). Please pray that we'll have lots of folks that Sunday, and that we'll see some people saved that day.

That's how things were for Lions Gate Baptist Church this week. How was your day at church?


  1. Hello I came over from The Jungle Hut. I enjoyed reading about your lesson on the walls of Jericho. It sounded like so much fun.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday! I love it when church goes well because it kinda determines how Monday is gonna be! :0)

    Sounds like your church is really growing. We are in a summer slum like we are every summer. Most of our people are battling one sin or the other so right now it's a constant battle.

    Enough of that, glad you had such a good Sunday!

  3. What a great Sunday School teacher you sounds like you make the lessons, come alive to them..and at their level....really all of our levels...
    Hoping that you have a great friends day, coming up....
    would love to visit Lions Gate, one day...hmmmmm....

  4. Sounds like a wonderful lesson. I'm sure she will remember that for a long time. With the 5yr olds i used to teach, we built our walls out of chairs in the SS class. Jericho fell quite loudly, and the kids thought that was great.We also army crawled to another SS class to "spy on Canaan", I love action lessons...
    Oh ,thanks for the timely "pausing"link.. much needed.

  5. Hi, Starla! Glad to have you drop by. The lesson WAS fun! :)

    Tori, we are growing, but very, very slowly. We are up and down a lot, but surprisingly, summer seems to be when we've seen the most growth. Totally the opposite at our church in the US!

    Deby, I have to dig and plan and imagine and pray to get a good SS lesson! Come on up and see us!

    Susan, what a great idea for "spies!" I'll have to keep that in mind for the next time I go through Joshua! The action lessons are a little easier to plan - just act it out or let them act it out. Once I forgot my visuals for David and Bathsheba, of all lessons. I thought I was going to have to improvise by acting, but my son ran home and got the visuals for me. Glad the "pausing" link was helpful to you!


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