Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, Monday

Beth and I are home again. We left the hotel in Seattle at 10:15 this morning and took our time coming home. It's normally a 3-hour trip, give or take a few minutes, depending upon the border crossing. But today, she and I decided to take advantage of not having anyone waiting for us at home or with us in the car. We did some extreme shopping! We stopped at all the places we've always said we'd like to stop if Wes would consent to it on one of our trips to the US. We didn't buy much. Actually, I didn't buy anything, because I didn't have any money and Wes hadn't specified that I could spend any, other than to eat. He does let us eat. Beth, however, had some money saved up for just such a trip, so she was searching high and low for some new skirts. We stopped at Michael's - not for clothes, of course, but for crafting supplies - Target, Kohl's, several outlet stores (Gap, Eddie Bauer, Dress Barn), two regular malls (which means two Christopher & Banks and all the anchor stores!), Starbucks - no clothes there either - and JoAnn Fabrics. And Beth bought two skirts, a denim and a khaki, from Sears. A lot of the major stores are having good clearance deals right now, especially Kohl's, Penney's, and Sears. Besides the craft supplies, the two skirts are all she bought. Looking back over all the places we went today, it's pretty pitiful that we only came home with two skirts and some beads! LOL But we had a good time. We talked about serious things, and we talked about funny things. We even got a little crazy toward the end of the day, laughing over nothing much at all. We ate junk food all day. We looked at more clothes than I ever care to look at again. We even looked at baby clothes and wished we had a new baby somewhere nearby to buy some for! LOL It was tiring, but so relaxing to know that we had all day if we wanted to take all day, and no one was waiting at home for supper or worried about where we were. We both agreed, by the way, that we wouldn't want today's unusual circumstances to be the norm - we love our boys too much to do without them! After all day out and about, we finally pulled into our driveway at 8:30 on the dot. That's 8:30 at night, y'all. We shopped and drove and shopped and drove for over ten hours. Ahem. I think that may be a record, and one not likely to be repeated for quite a while!

We made sure to buy gas in the US. We filled up at Costco for $4.17/gallon, which is still cheaper than here in Canada. We're a bit over $6.00/gallon in our town. So we take advantage of the "low" price in WA when we're down there! ;)

I have also discovered that I am not a young chick anymore. More like an old hen watching while her young chick finds herself some new feathers! ;) I am now about to go take a warm bath, put on my jammies, and finish reading my book. Tomorrow is a new day with lots of plans in it already. See you later!


  1. Susan, we just took my mom and brother over the border to send them home after a great visit. I still get the same way when I'm out shopping with my mom-we get pretty silly. Isn't it great?

  2. Oh am I jealous or what?? Kohls, Target and CaB??? Oh, poor missionaries, and Starbucks???

    So glad the chicks had a good time finding new feathers! :0) very funny!

  3. Sounds like a lovely time! Though I would have run out of steam long before!

    I feel the same way when I walk by some of the darling baby clothes I see in stores.

  4. Sarah, I asked Beth yesterday if she'd still go shopping with me when she's all grown up. She said yes, if I was paying! LOL Cheeky girl! I am enjoying my girl as she grows up, and I pray that the Lord will keep us close on into her adulthood.

    Tori, you come see me and we'll do all the stores together! Keep in mind, though, that the only place we actually spent money was at Sears (and Michaels)! And Starbucks was paid with cash that Wes left with me "just in case." Starbucks was a just in case situation, you know. ;)

    Barbara, I was worn slap out by the time we left the last mall. I can't believe how much my legs and hips ache when I'm on my feet all day!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I'm afraid cheap gas is thing of the past everywhere!

    I'm sure my cornbread wasn't nearly as good as your Mama's, my Mama's or my hubby's Mama's. All it was was finely ground cornmeal and water. I didn't even add salt because we are cutting back on sodium. But Mama and hubby acted like it was good to them since they haven't had any in a long time! If you find out your Mama's secret, let me know! :o)

  6. Debbie, I'm sure your family did enjoy that cornbread! I'm thinking I might have to fix some for myself now, but with diabetes, that cornmeal is pretty hard on the blood sugar.

    I'll probably never find out Mama's secret to her cornbread. Both of my grandmas and my mother have all passed on, so I'll just have to experiment on it myself!

  7. Sounds like a special daughter is out of state right now and boy do I miss the comraderie of things like this....ENJOY..ENJOY....
    I think I would have NEVER made it with you two girlies....
    I would have been sitting a bump on a log on benches wherever they would be.
    Yes, it is sad that it is so hard to find modest clothes..
    Goodwill and thrift shops are the best..

  8. I loved reading of the time you had with your daughter. My daughters are spread out all over the country and I'd enjoy spending a whole day with one of them again!!

    Oh, and I have something for you on my blog:

    (I haven't forgotten about the info you requested, either, I just haven't had a chance yet.)

  9. Sounds like y'all had a great day together. I love shopping and hanging out with my girls . . . I even like hanging out with my mom and sister! I think that's what I'll miss the most when Miss Independent goes off to school. . . . sigh

  10. Not pitiful at all. Regardless of what you brought home...or rather DIDN'T bring home...sounds like you and Beth had a WONDERFUL time together.

    Loved the young chick/old hen comparrison.


  11. It's fun to spend time with the daughter no?
    BTW< I tagged you for a meme.

  12. I have visited your blog before but I have come here again and I am glad that I did. I noticed by the names of your side section that you have linked to many of the same people that I do. Theresa is also my daughter in law.

    I am glad that you had a good time shopping. I was shocked to see that you pay so much for a gallon of gas. We pay not quiet $4.00 here in the part of Texas that I live in. That seems such a great price to me. I think I will start counting my blessing instead of complaining. So nice visiting your blog again. Have a great day. connie from Texas

  13. I still can not post on your homemaking blog, but today's post was so good. I can only read that blog in feeds because on the actual blog a box pops up when I try to scroll down that says overload on line 52 (something like that)
    Do you have a Home Management Binder or Control Journal? Have you ever showed it? I would love to see how you set it up.

  14. Deby, I do somewhat dread the day when my daughter doesn't live nearby, but then again, the nature of our family has always been the ministry, so I won't be surprised if she marries a preacher or missionary - and she will be far away. So I'm enjoying her teenage years!

    Terri, take your time on that info - I know you're busy! I'll run by your blog to see what you've got over there for me! ;)

    Julia, I do miss having that closeness with my mom and sisters, but like I said above, our family has always been in the ministry and that's just the way it's been. Enjoy your girl this summer!

    Kristi, my family is always comparing me to a mother hen - clucking around, sometimes making a big scene, then settling down and unruffling my feathers! It fits. Sigh.

    Rita, I saw your meme last night and knew I had to get crackin' on that. Hopefully today.

    Connie, it's so good to see you again! I lose track of folks occasionally too. Y'all still have pretty reasonable gas prices down there! ;)

    Bren, I'm sorry you can only get the other blog by feed. I am working on getting changed over to teh new Blogger on that blog (I want to keep the template I have - my son designed it for me), but it's taking some time since my son isn't home to take care of my template for me. Hopefully you'll be able to go to it and leave comments after I get it changed over. Also, I am the world's worst at having a HMB. I love the idea, but I've never gotten it going to suit me. I do have a very basic one though, so I'll have to get a post up about it. It's very very basic, though - nothing to get excited about!


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