Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Canadian flags flying in the wind, Vancouver, Canada by Rick Gerharter
Canadian flags flying in the wind, Vancouver, Canada

Today has been a gorgeous day! The weather couldn't have been more perfect: mid-70s, clear skies, and a light breeze all made for open windows and comfortable relaxing on a holiday afternoon. This morning, I picked up the children Beth is caring for this week and brought them to our home for the day. We went to the North Shore Canada Day Parade, which was a fun experience for all of us. I believe that part of reaching our community includes getting out into our community, and things like parades are perfect for getting out and meeting our neighbors. I even have visions of participating in the parade next year! We could have a "float," throw candy, and hand out tracts and balloons on the sidelines, or we could have a concession stand to give out free water along with tracts. Anyway, the parade lasted about 1 1/2 hours and included area businesses, various military units, the police and fire departments, of course, the mayor of North Van on one of those Segway motorized thingies, several ethnic organizations . . . everything that makes up North Vancouver. There were some "religious" organizations represented, such as The Knights of Columbus and the Shriners, but no churches were in the parade.

One way, among many, that Canada is different than the US is that the various ethnic groups retain their heritage and cultural groups in this country much more so than in the US, where everyone is encouraged to become a part of the melting pot. I really enjoy meeting people from various countries and learning about their cultures; that's not something that was common in the places I lived in the US, where I rarely met someone from another country. Besides Mexico when we lived in Texas, of course!

After the parade, we walked back home. The beginning of the parade route was about 12 blocks away from our house, so we just walked down and back. Although the weather was perfect, the sun was still strong, so I wore sunblock (I've learned my lesson more than once with my fair skin!). Then my left eye started watering, and where I kept wiping the tears away, I have a spot that is burned! LOL I am sunburned in one spot on my face! I now have thousands of freckles showing themselves on my arms once again. Anyway, back home we grilled burgers and hot dogs and had a good lunch. The kids have been playing on the Wii and playing Dutch Blitz this afternoon while I've been reading.

I was going to take the kids home about now, but there is a "police incident" on the bridge closest to us that runs from North Vancouver over the harbor into Vancouver. This is a common enough thing to happen here. Someone will be on the bridge for some reason or other - maybe to jump off or to demonstrate against something or other - and it'll usually get the bridge shut down. We only have two bridges off the North Shore, so when one is closed down, the other one gets overloaded and traffic snarls, which is exactly what has happened today. The incident today started at 1:00 this afternoon, and it's still not over yet. All we know is that police are dealing with a "very distraught woman." So here everyone sits. If this were not a holiday, traffic would be far worse - hate-to-think-how-bad worse! One morning there were demonstrators on both bridges during rush hour - absolutely horrible! All that to say I won't be taking the kids home till the bridge is open again, and we don't know when that will be.

Vancouver has The Burrard Inlet Fireworks Show planned for tonight at 10:30. They park two barges in the inlet and set off fireworks from the water - easy viewing from both shores! I'm hoping I'll still be awake enough to go out and watch it. I think I mentioned last week that we should be able to see it from our front balcony. I love fireworks!

So that's our day. It's been a good one. I hope yours was too. And if you're Canadian . . . Happy Canada Day! We love your country!


  1. Susan,
    Sounds like a fun day...a bit ahead of ours, with different twists to it,,,,what fun.....

  2. Happy Canada Day!

    We used to love where we could see fireworks downtown from our back door -- that was fun!

    We did check out a church once that we saw in a parade when we were in a new town! Something on their float said they had Patch kids (Patch the Pirate choir), so we thought that might be worth checking into. We actually had to dig a little bit to find it. We didn't end up going there, but just wanted to let you know people do check out church entries.

    I do agree about participating in the community as a part of reaching out to it.

    Thanks for your prayers for my mil and us!

  3. Happy Canada Day Susan!

    I've got a little one with a redhead complexion. Her hair can be classified as a bright brown, but she's definitely got the skin for it. Down here the sun is radiant-I don't know how else to say it, but I'm always surprised at how fast she burns!

  4. Oh what a nice day!
    I also enjoy seeing and getting to know people from other countries and I appreciate their cultures much more than before.

    Have a great time at the fireworks show!!

  5. Sounds like you had a great day! =)

  6. Am a "Southern Girl" too and would very much like to see Canada one day. Alas, my age is against me and the checkbook is quite disagreeable too.

    Your posts are lovely.

  7. Hey, my birthday is Canada Day! Thats neat. LOL

    Happy Canada Day to you!


  8. I like what you had to say over at
    Candy's blog about a woman not speaking (over men) in church. I hadn't even thought of that when speaking in tongues. I don't know much about speaking in tongues....I didn't think it was for today. I did attend a church as a child where the same woman always spoke in tongues in the middle of services. I thought it was strange & really didn't have an understanding of it.

    What are your thoughts on prophesy?....the way Candy describes it. I believe people have the gift of prophecy but my understanding of it seems to not be at all what Candy is describing.

  9. Deby, one of the fun things about living here is that we have many of the same holidays as the US, just on different days. Thanksgiving is the only one that is so much earlier that it throws me off every year; I'm never ready for it!

    Barbara, your words were so encouraging about having something about our church in the parade. We've thought of doing something at the fair (or equivalent of a state fair) in September, maybe a concession stand with free water, etc. I am just so chicken! I can come up with ideas, but I'd rather just be in the background on the actual working out of the plans! ;)

    Sarah, I have always burned so easily, after just a few minutes outside in Texas.

    Tori, it ended up we couldn't see the fireworks from our balcony after all! I was kind of disappointed, but by 10:30 I was tuckered out, so we looked at the highlights on the news and went to bed.

    Tammy, we did have a great day - one of the best ever, I think. It was just such a nice, relaxed day.

    Plaincatholic, thanks for stopping by! We love Canada; the whole country is so beautiful. We are partial to BC, where we live, of course. I hope you do get to come and see Canada someday!

    Kristi - Happy Birthday!!!! I read your account on the fly this morning, but it sounds like you had a great day.

    Buildeth her house - thanks for stopping by! I tried to stay out of the discussion at Candy's, but that one glaring omission just wouldn't let me. As for prophecy, I haven't paid much attention to what she's been saying about that. I've always considered the gift of prophecy as simply being preaching - proclaiming God's Word. I'd have to go back and see what's being said and study a little myself before I could answer that with any depth. Again, thanks for your comment!

  10. Happy belated Canada day and now Happy 4th of July!!
    I love the picture of the flags!

  11. Happy 4th to you, too, Deborah! Aren't those flags beautiful?! Hope you have a great weekend!


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