Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Today is our son Andrew's birthday; he's 17!!!! This is his first birthday away from home, but we sent him some cards and I think Wes sent him some money. We sure do miss having him here at home; we miss his cheerful disposition and goofy noises and love of all things fun. There is never a dull moment with Andrew around! ;)

I thought I'd share some pictures of Andrew with you. He loves to play around with the camera, so I'll turn the tables on him and show you some of the pictures we've taken in the past year. A couple of them are self-portraits, taken when he was just goofing around; others were taken by various other family members. They all show you just a bit of who our boy is.

With my nephew, Jonathan . . . he's a natural with kids

With my mom and my brother's children . . . helping to entertain the littles

With his brother, Sam, during our trip to Georgia in April

On our trip home from California last August after taking Sam to college . . . self-portrait! ;)

With his sister, Beth, on the trip home from California . . . another self-portrait, with an assistant

With Pastor Gordon Conner . . . This was at camp last year. Andrew had played "Super Director" in a skit spoofing Pastor Conner - this kind of thing is Andrew's forte! ;)

July 4, 2007, at a visitor centre where we stopped for lunch

At the same visitor centre. He still loves his mom!

From camp in 2006 . . . Andrew preparing for the day. . . except those are not his hands! This one was lots of fun to watch.

And finally, one of my favorite "serious" pictures of Andrew, taken in
October 2006


  1. Happy Birthday to Andrew! The first birthday away from home is sad.

  2. Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope your having a great day and that the year to come is an awesome one!

    Best Wishes

  3. Happy Birthday to your son, Andrew! 17 is such a fun year - I have a son who is 17 and it's been great. I hate seeing my baby grow up, but that's part of life and he's a great young man. I can tell your son is great too!

    God bless you ~ Julie

  4. Oh what a sweet tribute to a special son. Happy Birthday Andrew!

  5. Happy bd! Looks like you raised him right... :)

  6. Great pictures!

    Happy Birthday Andrew from the Smith Family!

  7. Wonderful pictures of your boy! Happy birthday to him!

    I am enjoying reading your other blog, though I can't comment for some reason, please know I am reading it and enjoying your inspiring posts!

  8. Those were good pictures.

    Happy Birthday, Andrew!!! You sound like a great young man.


  9. Happy Birthday Andrew! I can't beleive that you are already 17! You are so handsom and you have such a great spirit! I can't wait to see what the Lord has for you!
    We Love You!


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