Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good Change of Plans

I normally don't like changes, especially when those changes are sudden and they involve major schedule revamping. But yesterday we had a good change of plans, one I don't mind at all. My husband received a phone call yesterday from the chaperon of the WCBC tour group with which Sam is traveling this summer. He asked Wes if he would be interested in going to the Spiritual Leadership Conference next week; all he had to do was get a plane ticket, because the rest of his expenses were paid for him. Wes didn't seem real sure, but I told that man to get upstairs on his computer and find himself a ticket! Well, not in so many words. I think I said something like, "Honey, at least check to see if you can get a decent-priced ticket . . ." My husband is a pro at finding good prices on things that are normally very expensive, so within an hour he had his ticket booked and we were thrown into the frenzy of preparing for a trip with only two days to prepare.

We went to Wal Mart today to stock up on travel-size toiletries. He's carrying everything in one carry-on garment bag, so his toiletries have to be in travel sizes. Tomorrow night after church we'll drive down to Seattle for him to catch his plane on Monday morning. I'm very excited for him. I've wanted to go to this particular conference for several years now, but we haven't had the financial means to do so, and the timing has never been right either. As far as I'm concerned, the next best thing is for Wes to get to go! I'm making a list of the sessions I want recordings from, and which books I want him to buy for me. He's not promising to get all of it, though. I can't imagine why not; it's not such a huge list! ;)

I have to run. I have things to do this afternoon, not the least of which is doing what I can to help Wes get ready to go. I just wanted to share our blessing with you!


  1. I'm glad he gets to go. What benefits our husband, usually ends up benefitting us too. I hope you get most of what is on your list.


  2. wooohoooo for many reasons ;-)

  3. How nice that your husband is able to attend this wonderful conference. My husband and attended two years ago and we were so blessed by everything that we absorbed while we were there!

    By the way, I ordered my husband a copy of Dr. Chappel's book on The Spiritual Leader and we just received it and it is wonderful! I think it is something that every Pastor would enjoy reading and most likely benefit from.

  4. We got to go to the Spiritual Leadership conference two years ago as well. It's wonderful! I'm so glad your husband gets to go!

  5. What a wonderful opportunity! It's so nice when God does something like this at the last minute.
    Did he find a ticket? We use, great place and super cheap tickets.

    Happy packing.

  6. Kristi, I feel pretty sure he'll get the stuff I wanted - it really wasn't much! I'm excited for him getting to go; he needs the recharging.

    Barbara, I think it's a wonderful blessing, and I'm praying that he'll get all filled up again.

    Deby, I will be calling you tomorrow, Lord willing! :)

    Julie, I'm looking forward to the time when I get to go with him. I know my other two children would love to go too, and our oldest is already there. Wes will probably come home with the book you mentioned!

    Sarah, like I said above, I hope to go someday too. Right now, I'm just thrilled that Wes got to go. He gets to see Sam this week too, as Sam's tour group is "home" working during the conference.

    Tori, I'm not sure which service Wes uses, but he finds good prices. He found a ticket within an hour on Friday. Sam got a ticket to come home in August through the same airline.


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