Thursday, July 17, 2008

God is So Good

I just hung up the phone from talking with Wes. He had an absolutely wonderful time at the Spiritual Leadership Conference. He hadn't realized how much he needed this time of refreshing. I am so thankful that the Lord opened this opportunity for my husband to go and be revived and refreshed in his spirit. I don't think either of us has completely realized the burden a pastor carries, even with a small church with no problems. He still carries these people upon his heart before the Lord

I was watching the service online last night and got to see part of what Wes enjoyed so much about that service. Each night there has been a special presentation about missions, and last night's ended with a song about every tribe, tongue, and nation singing praise to the Lamb of God in Heaven. If I can find a video clip of the song somewhere I'll post it here. This song is outstanding! Anyway, as the choir finished, Dr. Chappell stepped to the podium and said, "Let's do it again." The choir sang the song again, with the congregation singing along. I was doing something else on my computer and just listening, and I finally realized what was going on and stopped my other stuff and really listened to the words and let myself be involved in the service too. That's when I realized how the Lord was moving in that service. I asked Wes about it this morning, and he said, "Oh, it was awesome, so awesome!" Then Dr. David Gibbs preached - and preached hard! It was a good service. And it was all done decently and in order - none of the fleshly music and physical antics so popular in many church services today. The music and preaching lifted up Jesus Christ, not the fleshly appetites of the people.

Beth and I are leaving soon to pick up Wes at the airport. It's another day out for me. If I owe you an e-mail or you're waiting for something from me, please be patient for just one more day! I hope to get caught up on all aspects of my life in the next few days. Thanks for reading! You all are a joy to me!


  1. Susan I know what song you are talking about! That song forever changed how I think about church music. I was there the first time it was sung at Lancaster-on the first Sunday the church met in the big auditorium. We had all sacrificed and labored for that day, and when that song opened the service-I will never forget it. They sang it twice that day too, and we sang along at the end-I'm glad they let us do it too, because we were all ready to explode with the desire to praise the Lord along with the choir, even though no one knew the words. There were people sobbing all around me.

    When I listen to it on a tape, this moment comes back to me in full force. What a way to lift up the name of Jesus.

  2. Thanks for your memories of that song, Sarah! It was so powerful, even just watching it online. I can't imagine what it was like in person.


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