Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Blessing!

This trip for my husband has come together so quickly that we're almost dizzy from it! And the Lord has blessed yet again in relation to the trip. This morning, Wes was talking to several people about his trip, mainly to let them know he'd be gone and how they could reach him if he were needed during the week. He and the men always pray right before the morning service, and when they went to pray, one of the men said he'd like to suggest something before they started. He proposed that the church cover Wes's travel expenses, since it's a pastor's conference and the things he learns there will benefit our church. The other men agreed, so now my honey is going to this conference with all his expenses paid! Our church family is such a blessing to us, and I love to see their joy in taking care of their pastor. Actually, they are very generous with everyone; we've seen them give to others in our church when there has been a need, and they are faithful givers to missions and mission projects. My prayer is that God will bless each of our faithful people many times over for their giving hearts!


  1. Susan: Our Lord is so good to us! What a blessing and thank you for sharing! :)

  2. What a total blessing! You have such a loving church family. We, too, are so blessed to have such a wonderful church family. They are truly God's hands and feet to us in so many ways. God is good!!

    God bless you ~ Julie

  3. Wow, God is so good to use His people to be such a blessing. Amen! Wes will enjoy the trip that much more!

  4. Wow, Susan...that is so can sure tell that you have indeed been CALLED there...God is doing a work.

  5. Shari, the Lord is indeed good to us!

    Julie, we do have a wonderful church family. They are a special group of people.

    Tori, Wes seems to be enjoying himself. He's handing out prayer cards left and right! LOL You know how that is!

    Deby, God has done so much since we got here almost 4 years ago. It's a joy to serve Him!


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