Friday, June 27, 2008

Staying Busy

Here we are at the end of another week! It's been a busy one for me. I was not diligent during the school year to keep with grading, so now I'm having to do it all after school is over, and . . . well, really I'm not liking it a whole lot! LOL I'm also planning next year's work, which is not so hard with SOS, but I am talking about high school and I have to make sure that all the courses and electives fulfill certain requirements. We changed our sending church earlier this spring, which also means a change in state and school for our kids. We got a list of requirements for graduation from Gospel Light's school this week, and I found that Andrew is going to have to take a couple of courses he hadn't counted on taking this year. He will be a senior, and we need to fill in the gaps between Arkansas' and Texas' requirements for graduation. Add to that having to finish up that chemistry course that went sour last year, and we have a pretty full load for his senior year. I am still conquering my laziness too, when it comes to just keeping up with their work. Ugh! What messes I get myself into!

I've been so focused on school things that I haven't gone any farther on making my new dresses than washing the fabrics. It's going to get hot this weekend - into the 80s - so now I wish I had them made so I could wear them! I'll have to get started on them today or tomorrow and see what I can do.

Beth will be babysitting next week for some family friends. She'll be taking care of them in their home, so she'll be out every day next week. Tuesday is Canada Day (same as Independence Day in the US), and since there is a parade near our house, I'm going to get the kids and bring them over here on Tuesday. We'll walk down to where the parade is, then have some grilled food in the afternoon and take them home in the evening. There will also be a fireworks display that night, choreographed to music on a local radio station, that we are pretty sure we can see from our balcony. It's on two barges in the harbour, which is down the hill from our house. If we can't see it from the house, we can walk to the top of the hill at the end of our street and see it from the park up there. The only problem is that it doesn't start till 10:30; that's how late it's getting dark these days!

I should go for now. I'm pretty sure my posting will be a little sporadic in the next few weeks. I haven't left or anything; just busy! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh Susan, I can *so* relate to the whole grading thing! I'm such a slacker in that area! : ( It's my least favorite thing in regard to homeschooling and so I tend to get behind. In fact, before Zach left for 5 weeks (to work at a Christian camp) he was supposed to make sure I had all his papers, I could get his grades done while he was gone. Well...he forgot. I can hardly be mad at him though, because *I* should have been more "with it". ::sigh::

    So we may not consider ourselves "Super-duper Homeschool Moms" (I think you are pretty super-duper though, especially for taking on chemistry!),but our children love the Lord and are developing godly character. And they are learning despite our weaknesses! God is good, isn't He?! : )



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