Friday, June 27, 2008

How the Chemistry is Going

Just another quick post to let you know how I'm doing in Chemistry. I stink! LOL I am having to study like I've never studied before just to grasp the ideas of scientific notation and significant figures - and that's just the beginning unit! Actually, I understand the concepts, but I have trouble remembering all the rules.

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my post about taking this course to help my son. I want you to understand that I am far, far, far from a super homeschooler; in fact, I have been quite lazy for much of my homeschooling time. I start off each year with good intentions, then they fall by the wayside as the year progresses and we end up getting just the bare minimum done. Somehow my children manage to learn, though. Samuel had a great first year of college, and Andrew and Beth's grades are good. This idea of taking the course myself was just a freak thing; I just happened to remember that lady I had met and thought I could do that myself. And here I am.

One thing I am learning is how to better customize the SOS curriculum to my children's needs, and I'm also learning that some of the things they've complained about are valid. For example, many times I hear "but that question wasn't in anything else I learned in that unit!" I was not convinced of that. I thought they were just not being diligent. Well. Yesterday it happened to me! The question on the test was from something that was in the text, but it wasn't emphasized at all on any other quizzes or questions. So I missed it because I didn't think it was important. Now I know to teach them to pay attention even to the pictures included with the text, because you never know where a question is going to come from. I also learned that I can change dates on assignments if they are too long to possibly get done by the due date provided. The programming is not perfect with SOS. It really does need the human touch to make sure that everything works together in such a way as not to frustrate the student. I do love that automated lesson planning, though, even if it does need a tweak every now and then!

In hindsight, it would have done me good to do at least one unit from something in their assignments each year, just to see what they're up against. I also see that I need to pay more attention to the lesson planning aspect instead of trusting the computer program to do it all. A computer just doesn't know all the variables. So taking this course in Chemistry is teaching me more than scientific notation! ;)


  1. I said it before, I'll say it again:

    You inspire me!

    I'm starting out with two little kindergarteners this fall because I held Ruth back last year. She's more than ready now and champing at the bit. I'm so excited to get started!

  2. That's great, Susan! I hope you do well this summer in it, and I know it will help in the fall! :-)

  3. Wow, what a great Mom you are. It's so smart to do what your doing. Your kids will reap your hard work and you'll be better and smarter because of it.

    BTW, we used to use SOS for several years, I loved not grading papers. Speaking of grading, I have a few papers to do, oh well...

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I sure can relate to starting out with good intentions, and ending....well, not so well! I'm just trying to get my son through fractions...I don't even want to think about chemistry!

  5. Sarah - you're very sweet - much too kind, really! We held Andrew back an extra year in the beginning, and it didn't do a bit of harm. He's still graduating right on time.

    Tammy, I sure hope it will help. In my more sane moments I wonder what on earth I'm doing, trying to learn chemistry all over again. Then I think, "You know, Beth is taking World History this year, and I never really got a solid grasp of it in high school . . ." LOL Help!

    Tori, you're way too kind, too! LOL I love the automatic grading and lesson planning too, but it makes me kind of lazy at the same time. Then we still use paper and pencil for math and Bible, so there's grading to do there.

    Deborah, don't turn around too fast, because chemistry and algebra and biology will be there before you know it! I'm so encouraging! Just bein' real. The years went by so fast!


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