Saturday, June 14, 2008

After a Nap . . .

I'm feeling about half-way human! ;)

The ladies' tea went very well today. It was held at the London Heritage Farm, in their Tea Room. This is an old, 1880s working farm that has been restored to reflect its original history. The grounds have all the old buildings, and there's a heritage garden around back. The Tea Room has its own blend of tea, which was so delicious I bought a package to have for our ladies during our Thursday night Bible studies! I don't like hot tea very much, but this was truly delicious, and I know our ladies, who are tea-drinkers, will enjoy it. The garden was full of huge, showy peonies, old-fashioned roses, tall purple foxgloves, and lots more that I don't know what they were! LOL It was so pretty and relaxing. There was a wedding being held in the afternoon in the gazebo, and as the sun came out I thought what a beautiful wedding the bride was having today. I enjoyed myself completely!

After a long week, I came home and crashed! After I fixed supper, I lay down on the sofa for "just a minute" to rest, and the next thing I knew I'd been asleep for two hours. Two hours! Beth informed me that I'd been snoring, for which information I am eternally grateful. Nothing like your children to keep you humble, you know. I'd been up since 6:30 this morning. I wanted to study my notes a bit more, and I wanted to call my dad for Father's Day today, since church and the time difference would make it impossible to call tomorrow. So, y'all, I was tired. I'm already planning my Sunday afternoon nap! LOL

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Nothing wrong with a good ole' nap in my opinion :-) Our poor bodies can only take so much.

    Ooooo I would love to visit that farm!!! How awesome!

    I am not a hot tea drinker either. Come to think about it, I don't care for cold tea as well. Give me a Pepsi with lots of ice and I am fine :-)

    Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday!


  2. Glad everything went well! Sometimes I just can't make it without a nap.

  3. Dawn, you would love this farm! There are several in the surrounding areas of this ultra-urban city, and it's so relaxing to go out to the country and visit a simpler place.

    Barbara, some weeks I can go every day all day long and not need a nap. Others, I have to nap every day! LOL I don't like to nap on weekdays, because I tend to not want to get up and get going again.

  4. Oh, your tea sounded so fun!

  5. It was fun, Tammy! I want to have one for my ladies now!


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