Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Today was Graduation Day for four of our young friends at West Coast Baptist College. All of them are from the Vancouver area; we've gotten to know them and their families in the three years we've been here. Each of these young ladies have shown a sweet devotion to their parents and a willingness to serve the Lord in whatever area He has for them.

Sonia and Becky are sisters in their mid-20's who stayed home with their parents until the time was right for them to go away to college. Sonia graduated today with a degree in elementary education, and tomorrow she will walk down another aisle to become the bride of a young preacher! Her sister Becky is a talented pianist who has earned her teaching certificate through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada and earned her Associates degree in secretarial studies at WCBC. She has proven herself a valuable part of the music program at Lancaster, playing for many of the college groups.

Hannah is a pastor's daughter. She has a bubbly personality with a servant's heart. According to Sam, Hannah has "mothered" all the Canadian students this year! ;) She's also in perpetual motion! Her degree is in elementary education. She's taken a couple of mission trips during her summers, and loves working with children in other countries. Last summer she went to Hong Kong and helped some missionaries with their vacation Bible schools.

Finally, Rachel is another pastor's daughter in the area. Her degree is in secondary education, and she is also a dedicated and talented pianist, playing for many of the college music groups. Rachel's sweet spirit shines from her face every time you see her! Today Rachel was the recipient of the President's Award, presented to the graduating senior who most exhibits the qualities of servant leadership, a hallmark of the teaching philosophy of West Coast. I was so thrilled to see Rachel win this award, because she definitely is one who leads by serving others. She will be moving to Maryland this summer to begin a teaching job.

Congratulations to these four young women who have worked hard and excelled under the blessing and authority of their parents and the fine teaching they received at West Coast! Ladies, Pastor Hutchens and I are excited to see how the Lord uses each of you in the coming years!

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  1. We have a young lady from our church graduating too...and several more that attend there..


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