Sunday, May 25, 2008

Edited - Things About Wes: Addendum

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My sweet, birthday-boy-man husband pointed out a glaring exclusion to his list of 43 Things About Himself: his first car. He loved his first car, as most men do. He always remembers it fondly. He wishes he still had it, because it would be worth a lot of money now. But it met the same fate that many first cars do . . . it was wrecked shortly after he acquired it.

What was this wonderful piece of fine machinery?

It was a 1970 Dodge Charger 1969 Dodge Charger. Go ahead and show it to your husband; just don't let the drool drip on your computer keyboard.

My apologies to anyone who might have known either that there was a difference between the '69 and '70 Charger or that the General Lee was a '69. I knew neither. I was merely going upon my less-than-accurate remembrances of Wes' beloved car. I had even asked him on Saturday which year it was. Short-term memory loss in action, folks! The rest of the information in this post, to the best of my knowledge and memory.

He bought it for $300 in the spring of 1982. We went on one date in it, with his mother riding in the back seat, because my dad would not allow me to ride with Wes alone, anywhere, anytime. He rode with Wes in it one time, came home, and said, "You are not riding with that boy anywhere."

Anyway, back to the car. It was cream-colored and looked just like the General Lee on the Dukes of Hazzard, except, of course, it wasn't orange with a 01 painted on the side. Wes had plans to paint it up like the General Lee, though, but they were cut short by the car's untimely demise. I considered that an answer to prayer. I'm not too sure I'd have ever been allowed to ride with Wes in something painted up like the General Lee. Even now.

He did install one of those horns that played music, including Dixie, which was appropriate, I suppose, since that's what the General Lee played. You know, that first line that goes "Way down south in the land of cotton . . .?" Sounded like a bugle? Those were really popular in The South in the early '80s. Hey, we had class back then! ;) He loved to play the horn when he saw me coming. One smart-alec friend of his would play "Here Comes the Bride" when I would approach, right in front of the whole school. Real classy.


The car.

When it was sitting still, it was not sitting still. It had this rumble to it, kind of like rrrombbb, rrrombbb, rrrombbb, rrrombbb. I think Wes considered that a purr. Is that what your husband would say? Probably. Guys are funny like that. A jiggling, rumbling car is purring. Do cats jiggle and rumble when they purr? No.


You could not see anything in the rear-view mirror, because the mirror was constantly jiggling due to the rumble. Same for the side mirror.

You could still feel the rumble when you got out.

It would go fast, which was only part of the reason my dad wouldn't let me ride in it alone with him. The car went fast; Wes stopped fast. Like not-till-he-got-to-the-red-light fast.

Wes loved that car.

Almost as much as he loved me.


  1. LOL--Susan: Sounds like my hubby and his Buick Riviera. Similar story! I call that noise you tried to spell a thumper! I love it, too! *grin* Have a wonderful day!

  2. :)

    My husband has "Dixie" as the ringtone on his phone. :)

  3. These guys and their cars! LOL Wes would love to have some kind of old car to putter around with, but he doesn't have the time or the money.

    Mrs. C, I just about cracked up when I read that your hubby's ring tone is Dixie! I haven't heard it on a phone. In fact I haven't heard Dixie on anything since that horn Wes had.


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