Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday in Review - May 18, 2008

Yesterday was a great day! We've had visitors the past few Sundays, and yesterday we had 7 - count 'em! - 7 visitors. By visitors, I mean people who have either never been to our church before or they have come just a couple of times or so - still new to us. So we had a nice problem yesterday: almost all our seats were full! Yay!

Wes preached another good sermon last night, entitled "How to Love the King." His text was from II Samuel 19, where we see Mephibosheth coming to meet King David on David's way back into Jerusalem after Absalom's rebellion. I need to get his notes (I found myself without paper on which to take my own) and share it with you. It was really good!

Heard in Sunday school . . .

Teacher: Jesus washes our sins away!

Student (almost 5 years old): Like taking a bath?

Teacher: Yes! Kind of like Jesus giving us a bath on the inside.

Student: Does He use a bucket?

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  1. One of the best things about teaching little ones is stuff like this with the bucket. Priceless.


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