Saturday, May 31, 2008

Relaxing Saturday

Today has been a beautiful day, as far as the weather is concerned. For all the rain we get around here, summer sure makes up for it. When it's warm and sunny, the scenery around here is breathtaking. I love summer here! Although it's warmer right now, it's still only about 70 degrees during the day (on a sunny day), cooler if it's raining. I'm still wearing sweaters!

I slept in a while this morning, and just as I was finished getting dressed, I heard my front door open. Wes and Andrew spent the night in Seattle, which is our norm for when someone is flying, and I knew his flight had left about 6:00 this morning. Wes usually calls me when he gets back inside Canada, though, just to let me know they let him back in, and he hadn't done that. So when I heard the door opening, my instincts knew it was Wes, but my mind didn't listen! LOL Of course, it was Wes. He was home by 9:00. He said Andrew seemed to be fine when he left, so that's a good thing. We are waiting now for the turkey dear boy to call and let us know he got there ok!

I got an itch to go yard-saling this morning, so after I got my breakfast and talked to Wes a bit I took off across our little town to see what I could find. I have to tell you how yard sales differ here than in the US. First of all, they start about 9:00, at the earliest, and they end around 1:00. So if you're going to go, you can get a later start, but you better not poke around or you'll miss 'em all. The good thing about that is you start finding folks willing to strike deals around noon. Another difference, from my experience at least, is that hardly anyone puts a price on anything; you have to ask how much things cost. I like to browse and see what they have and how much things cost, so it's not my favorite thing to have to ask how much constantly. But I worked through it, obviously! ;) Here's what I got today, and I'm tickled pink with all of it.

This is a set from Home Interiors that was still wrapped in its packaging in the box. I love it! It's going in our bedroom because it matches our bedding so well.

Frames! I have loved those tall standing frames since the first time I ever saw one. Today I found this one for $2.00. The smaller frame is very rustic and country-looking. I'm not sure where I'll use it, but I loved it too. I'm thinking about cross-stitching some things to go in, but when I told Wes I'd like to do that, he just laughed. Now why would he do that? It wouldn't have something to do with an eagle I've been stitching for 10 years, would it?

Oh, one more thing . . . TipNut has an article today, 21 Free Kitchen, Household, & Crafty Printables, with lots of goodies there for your home. Gotta love free printables!

Have a great weekend! See ya on Monday!


  1. Way to go; you found some great deals! :)

  2. Susan ~ I haven't been to a yard sale this year...just haven't wanted to get up early to get out there. Sure looks like you found some deals! I LOVE the Celebrate plaque because I tend to try and "Celebrate" every little thing. I'm glad you had a relaxed Saturday.

  3. Oh, I miss yard sales! It looks like you got some really nice things.

    Hey, I have an "eagle" of my own too... so don't feel too bad! By my calculations, if I keep working at this rate, I'll be done in a few decades!!

  4. Wow you for some great deals. I sure miss garage sales. :o(

    Oh yea the video of the men singing is wonderful, just up my alley!

  5. oooooh....great yard sale finds....and I love Value Village out here too...
    Thanks for the link, looks like some great ideas..

  6. May I add an 'educational' note for your readers, as every province probably does things differently. I'm in Manitoba, and sometimes you come across a yardsale where they haven't put prices on, but price tags are the norm. Our Saturday yardsales usually start at 9am...but could be 8...and end anywhere from 1 -about 5pm...but could be as late as 8. But we also have Friday evening yardsales..until about 8pm. In fact our teens just had a three day yardsale last week...Thursday and Friday 1-8, and all day Saturday...they made over $1,000!
    Community or neighbourhood yardsales are common too...where almost everyone on an entire block or more have a sale on the same day...I love those!


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