Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Mother's Day Gift

I already have my Mother's Day gift! Wes is not a huge fan of buying gifts, although he likes to give me things. So every Mother's Day for the past few years, he's given me money and said, "Go buy what you want!" As a properly submissive wife, I rush out to do his bidding, of course! One year I bought a couple of necklaces; one year I bought some really nice perfume, the first really expensive perfume I'd ever had; and this year, I tried to buy a new comforter set.

Beth and I had been in Linens-N-Things, just passing through because they're so expensive, when I saw a gorgeous chocolate-brown and robin's-egg-blue quilted satin comforter set. It had the regular quilt, bed skirt, and shams, but it also had two sheet sets, two extra shams, and some throw pillows. All for only $199.99. That's not a bad price for all of that, but I had one problem. I didn't have $199.99, and I didn't think Wes would spring that much for a comforter set, no matter how many pieces it had. I was right. But on Saturday, we got the LNT sale flyer in our paper, and there. was. that. set. On sale for $99.99. With the 20% off coupon, it would be a mere (!) $79.99. Not bad at all, so Wes said, "Go get it."

Off I went to LNT, so excited. I walked reverently up to the display, touched it again, decided I truly did love this set, then turned to the table stacked with their inventory of this beautiful set . . . only to find that it was still marked $199.99!!! Beth said, "Those are the ones on sale," pointing behind me. It was a very similar set, but with a plain diamond pattern, and the colors were not as rich. I asked a sales person about it, and she assured me that the set I wanted was not the one on sale. So I went home. But I wasn't defeated. Because I had seen something else in the sales flyers that I'd been eyeing for a while too. And it was cheaper than the comforter set!

Back last fall I got a bread machine for free from Freecycle. It was very old and made a tiny little loaf of bread. It didn't have any settings to adjust the crust lightness either. We didn't like the bread it made, but we did enjoy having fresh dough for rolls and pizza crust basically at the touch of a button. So I kept it, used it several times a week for dough, and kept my eye open for a good sale on a new one. Last Saturday, I saw a Black & Decker one that makes horizontal loaves. Three loaf sizes. Settings for different types of bread, such as whole wheat, french bread, or just dough. And a setting to regulate crust color. For cheaper than the comforter set. I didn't say much about it, but Wes knew I'd been wanting a bread machine, so he asked if I'd rather have that, since the comforter I wanted wasn't on sale. Three guesses what I answered, and the first two don't count! ;)

On Tuesday, Wes went and got the bread machine. Since I haven't been feeling well, I didn't make anything in it right away, but yesterday afternoon I decided to throw in the ingredients for one of the recipes in the care manual that came with the machine. Remember, I haven't been feeling well, and my brain is still a bit foggy (more so than usual, that is!). I put all the ingredients in the pan, starting with the liquid, as stated in the instructions. How hard could this be? As I was putting the pan into the machine to bake, I remembered a rather crucial thing about the ingredients: the liquid needs to be warm to activate the yeast! I had put refrigerator-cold buttermilk in the pan, and there was no way to redeem it. Well. There was nothing to do but run it now and just see how it came out. It was horrible. Here's the evidence. I'll try again today.


  1. Oh, Susan! I'm sitting here eating M&M's, just dying laughing at your loaf of bread! LOL . . . that is too hilarious! :) I love it! Maybe I'll laugh hard enough to burn up all the calories from the peanut M&M's! Ha!


  2. That is a pretty bedset. Are you planning on saving up for it?

    I'm sorry, but I actually LOL at your bread. Oh my! Not exactly what you wanted to see, I'm sure!

    My bread machine makes rectangle loaves, and while it is mixing, I stand there with a spatula, and make sure everything gets all mixed together. From there I'm able to leave it alone. Hope your next loaf comes out better! :-)

  3. Julia - I know I can count on you to laugh! LOL Just don't choke on one of those M&Ms . . .

    Tammy - I'd like to save up for it . . . when I ever have any money! LOL The sales lady I talked to said it will eventually go on sale. And you are laughing at me too! ;) I don't want to have to stand there with a spatula, but if that's what it takes . . . although I do just want to put the ingredients in and let it go.

  4. That's too bad about the bed set. Have you ever tried I've gotten some good things there.

    I have never tried a bread machine. I have thought about asking for one but I don't know how much I'd use it.

  5. Barbara, I've been to the Domestications site a long time ago, but not recently. Thanks for the idea!

    I like having the bread machine especially for making up dough. It's just so nice to go into the kitchen with the dough already made, shape it into rolls, and bake them. I feel like a lady of leisure! ;)


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