Monday, May 05, 2008

More Changes in Store

We have some more changes in store for our family this summer. Since we have yet to get our landed immigrant status here in Canada, none of us are allowed to work here in the public sector; Wes is the only one allowed to work, and that only through our church ministry. This is why Sam drove down to the border every day last spring and summer to work in the US. Although he did well, it was tiring for him, put a lot of miles on his car, and he made only enough money to get him started in college; he wasn't able to save much. Soooo . . .

This summer, Andrew is going to live and work with Wes's youngest brother in SC, who is an electrician with room on his crew for Andrew. We feel this will be good experience for Andrew, giving him a chance to learn a trade and allowing him to make some money to save toward college. He'll also get to spend a little time with my parents in SC, and with Wes's other siblings in NC. Needless to say, Andrew's pretty excited! He got to spend some time with his uncle while we were all in Georgia, and they seem to have already forged a good relationship.

Little did I realize last summer, as I was preparing for my first birdie to fly out of the nest a little way, that by the next summer my second birdie would be stretching his wings a little bit. He'll be back home for his senior year of school, but I expect he'll have grown up a little bit, and he won't be quite the boy he was when he left. So this change is a little unsettling for this mama, but I've been praying and trusting (and crying) and learning that God will care for this boy just like He has his older brother. Please pray for Andrew this summer, should you think of him, that he will continue to grow in the Lord and be a blessing to those with whom he works each day. Especially pray for his Uncle Albert! ;)


  1. That will be great for him. We sent our son home every summer to work so that by college it would not be so many strange things all at once.

  2. My dear, sweet friend . . . we are so much in the same boat that it isn't even funny! Elizabeth took the plunge and went ahead and enrolled at BJU. We resisted and resisted . . . money issues were a main concern, as well as a few other things . . . and had no peace about her NOT going. I've realized the truth that faith is not faith if you see it. I couldn't see how we'd pay for this, but I know if it's God's will for her to be there, He will provide. I am excited . . . thrilled even . . . to see what God will do.

    Since you are intimately familiar with Greenville, you'll have to give us some pointers on some things, like a church for her to attend on Sunday evenings.

    I guess we can do a lot of praying for one another!

  3. Rita, you don't know how much better that makes me feel to know that other missionary families have done something similar. It makes it a little easier to see him go away for just the summer.

    Julia, I'm not sure, right off the top of my head, where to recommend for Elizabeth to go. Let me get back to you on that!

  4. Susan,
    We were living in Italy as each of our 3 children, graduated and then went to the states for college or like our younger son in the Navy.
    It was rough, but part of the process and I thought the tears would never stop. Life seems to change so fast....
    now...can I share...
    we LOVE, our empty nest...just being Mr. and Mrs.....and yes there is life after all of this, hard to believe, but we are cherishing these sweet years together.

  5. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Hello Susan. You do not know me, but I am a member of Vessuls Unto Honour and I was browsing some old posts and saw one of yours. It had a link to you blog and I followed it. When I saw your family's webpage I had to ask...are your inlaws missionaries to Jamaca? My name is Abby, and I'm a member of Tabernacle Baptist in Greenville SC. I met them this year while they were on furlough. They are wonderful, wonderful people! Please respong to this and email me at
    It's nice to "meet" you!

    Because of Calvary,

  6. Deby, Wes and I are so close, I know we will really enjoy our empty nest, once it is empty. It's the process of getting there that's killing me! LOL

    Abby, I e-mailed you just now. Thanks for visiting, and for the kind words for my in-laws. I happen to think they're pretty great folks! ;)

  7. Praying everything goes well with this big change in your family.

  8. Praying for Andrew as he embarks on this new adventure. And for you, as you let him fly.


  9. That is hard. My middle son spent his first summer at what was Camp Lucerne (now Castlepoint) between his jr. and sr. high school years. We wrestled a lot with whether to let him, whether he was too young, but he benefited in every way. It's hard on Mama, though -- especially when I would forget and set the table for five only to remember we were one short. :-( We all did get used to it, but it was definitely a transition.

    A commenter above asked about churches in Greenville. When we lived there we went to Mt. Calvary Baptist pastored by Mark Minnick ( I can't recommend it highly enough. He's such a godly man and excellent preacher. Faith Baptist and Hampton Park Baptist are also good. Those are all also big -- there are some smaller ones I am not familiar with. Many churches run buses up to BJ for students to attend the evening services.

  10. Thank you for your prayers, Theresa and Michelle! I know I'll be fine; it's just that letting go thing!

    Barbara, thanks for telling me your experience. I've been through the part of setting the wrong amount of plates! Thanks also for some church recommendations. It's been so long since we've lived in Greenville (over 22 years) that it's hard to remember which churches they sent buses to from BJ. Plus, some may have changed since then; I know of one church in particular that went very liberal, and I wouldn't recommend it now.


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