Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just an Ordinary Day

Today promises to be just an ordinary day, nothing pressing to do really, just the little things that make up everyday life. The weather has turned beautiful - we're finally getting our taste of spring here - with the skies clearing and the temperature going up into the 70's! There's a magnolia tree blooming just outside my kitchen window, but it's not like the ones I'm used to down south, with the glossy green leaves and big waxy white blossoms. This one's flowers look like pink and white tulips! It was in full bloom when we moved into this house a year ago this month, but this spring it's been slow to bloom and is just now beginning to be full.

Today is my grocery day, so I spent part of the morning making my menu and grocery list. That was drawn out a bit because I had to finalize my menu for our quarterly ladies' breakfast this Saturday. Beth and I will do our grocery shopping this afternoon after dinner.

I'm also in the process of getting my devotional ready for Saturday morning. It's not original with me; I heard it at the ladies' luncheon I went to with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law when we were all together in April. The whole time the lady was teaching, I was thinking, "I can't wait to do this with our ladies!" LOL So I'm excited about it. I'll give you my notes on it after our fellowship Saturday morning.

Tonight is our mid-week Bible study, here at our home. The house is pretty much ready . . . and you know, I've quit being quite so picky about it, because we live here. I do pick up stray books, throw away the newspapers, and make sure the kitchen is clean because we serve coffee and tea in there, but I don't agonize over it anymore. The best thing about that is that people seem to enjoy coming to our house. It's clean, but it's comfy, and I like it that way. I am not a stiff and formal person, so neither is my home. You might see something out of place, or some water spots on the faucet, so if you've come to inspect my house . . . well, you might be disappointed in me! ;) But now, if you want to receive a warm welcome (probably with a hug), have a cup of coffee, take your shoes off and fellowship for a few minutes . . . you've come to the right place!

Speaking of ordinary days, Lydia, of Home Living, has been hearing a lot from folks who don't quite understand what ladies do who "just" stay home all the time. They wonder why the ladies don't get bored, and they worry that the ladies aren't being stimulated to stretch their minds and sharpen their intellect. They worry a lot that these ladies are wasting all their potential by squandering their minds on their homes and families. So today Lydia is asking for ladies to just come by and leave a comment telling her what you're doing today, an ordinary day at your house. I've already been by there and read the comments so far, and it's amazing how much ladies are accomplishing in their homes today. So take a minute to go by there and let Lydia know what you're doing today and help dispel the myth that we stay-at-home wives and moms are sitting around doing nothing; we're actually doing a lot and influencing for good those most important people in the world - our very own "ordinary" husbands and children. Remember, to someone, you are the world.


  1. You and your home seem so hospitable, but of course, you're a southern gal! I hug everyone who comes through our door and then again before they exit through it.
    Thanks for the link to Lydia's. It was so neat to read what we ladies do accomplish and what our interests are for our so called ordinary days.

  2. Oh I like Magnolias, I really like the ones you find in the south but I have grown fond of the ones like you have. I have a white and a purple one in my yard here. They are a bit barren complared to the big ones in the south but they are a bit exotic, I think anyhow.

    I'm headed by Home Living, thanks for the heads-up.


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