Monday, May 05, 2008

It Was a Weekend

Happy Monday to you all! This weekend was . . . well, a weekend. I woke up Saturday morning thinking I felt ok, but as I got into the morning, I knew I didn't feel well. My cold I mentioned on Friday was working its magic. The weird thing is, it never has turned into a full-blown cold, with headaches and fevers and stuffy/runny noses and all that; all I've had are a cough (worse in the morning and late at night), sore throat, and aching ears. No other symptoms. I felt like it was just toying with me, saying "nana, nana, naaaa, naaaa" all weekend . . . and although I wasn't horribly sick, I just plain old didn't feel good. So I had no proof that I was sick, other than just not feeling good. By Sunday morning, I couldn't talk very well, so I came up with a plan for Sunday school: watch a DVD of Patch the Pirate Club. It's the only thing I had on hand for kids that would be appropriate for Sunday school. It worked, although the two kids I had looked a little puzzled. I promised the parents that this won't be a routine thing!

One of our church families invited us for dinner after church, which was very nice. They have a beautiful back yard, and we ate our dessert out on their deck - the sun actually came out long enough for us to do that! It was so nice not to have to cook and do the dishes (my kids will laugh about that, because they do the dishes! LOL), and then Wes just asked for a sandwich after church last night. Bless that man! :) So I ate about a 1/4 of a sandwich, watched Extreme Home Makeover and a couple of home shows, and went to bed. And today I feel better!

Today we've been getting things straightened up. Isn't it funny how your house can get totally out of whack even when you're not home for two weeks? Wes bought a couple of bookcases Friday night, and he put those together today. They look so much better than the utility racks he had his books on, which makes our bedroom look nicer. I cleaned out the fridge. That was a toxic waste facility in there! Something is dripping - some sort of condensation - and it started while we were away. Well, over the course of the past week . . . with all that dripping, it just wasn't a pretty sight . . . or smell. So today I took the whole thing apart, washed all the shelves and bins, and am waiting now to put the bins back in, because it's still dripping or leaking or whatever's going on. I'm waiting to see exactly what is happening so Wes can fix it or call the landlord, whichever it needs.

And that utility shelf he had his books on in the bedroom? He's moving it downstairs for me to store some of my craft stuff on! I'm even thinking about sewing a cover to go over it, or maybe even just tack some fabric panels up (Beth's idea - she's so practical) to hide the mess. We'll see. I've just been wracking my brains trying to figure something out for that area, and now I think I have a solution.

As of Wednesday, Sam has finished his first full year of college. It's been full of learning, both academically and spiritually. He's seen God supply every single need. He has made a plethora of new friends (that's one of Wes's favorite words!), many of them young people he had met while we were on deputation. He met one girl whose parents are on the mission field with my sister in Mexico; one girl whose parents I've known for over 20 years, but didn't know their daughter was at WCBC till recently; the nephew of an evangelist we've met here; a guy who is from the same home church as a pastor here in Vancouver . . . it just goes on and on. So anyway, it's been a good year, and he has thoroughly enjoyed it. On Wednesday, he begins his first summer with a musical tour group. His group is traveling in the Pacific Northwest and the Lower Mainland of Canada, including Vancouver. They'll be with us the weekend of August 10th, then he'll come home for a week later in the month to spend with us before beginning his sophomore year. He loves being this busy, and we are very pleased with the direction he's taking at this stage in his life. More like bustin'-my-buttons proud, but it wouldn't be polite of me to put that on my blog! ;)

It won't be long till I can do some planting here, although I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not a gardener, but I'd love to dabble in it a bit with some containers. I have an old metal trunk that I'm seriously considering using as a planter; I'll just have to figure out what to put in it and where to put it in the yard. Our back yard is horrible - weed-covered and jungley. My plan is to spend 15 minutes a day out there, FlyLady style, and just basically get it cleaned up and maybe some grass sown back there.

I'll stop chattering on . . . I hope you have a great week!


  1. My cold was kind of the same way -- never really full-blown, but enough to sap any energy I had.

    Our back yard is weedy and patchy, too. I am totally unskilled with plants of any kind and Jim doesn't have the time or energy -- I don't know what we'll do with it.

    I like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, too. We don't watch it every week, but I enjoy it when we do.

  2. You know, Barbara, I am still fighting this thing! Today my ears hurt horribly and feel like I've been flying. I will be so glad when I feel like myself again!

    I have NO idea what to do with ours, other than just get out there and start pulling weeds. I have a hard time figuring out what to plant, where to plant it, etc.

    We watch it almost every week. It's our fun treat after working hard all weekend, as long as nothing else is going on.


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