Friday, May 30, 2008

Indulge This Mama, Please

I found some videos from West Coast Baptist College of one of the groups our son, Samuel, has sung in this year. I'm still hoping for some clips of his summer tour group, but this will do. Our boy is second from the far right, singing bass. And it's a good song, too!


  1. That was great! I love that song, and they did fabulous job.

  2. How neat to have a video of that!

  3. Both those videos are great! I love to listen to men's groups. They harmonize so well!

  4. Oh, that was soooo good!!! Thank you for posting it. Your son has an amazing voice! If he ver wants to record and needs some original music, let me know!!

  5. Thanks, ladies! I was hoping you would enjoy these videos too. They do harmonize well; Bro. Wall at WCBC does a great job with the college groups. Our former pastor loves men's groups, so I know he'll enjoy this too.

    Deborah, I'll have to mention to Sam that you write original music. He just might be interested in some, or maybe even Bro. Wall would be. I'll mention it to Sam.


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