Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

My usual Mother's Day post is about those who have mothered me. This year I want to focus on the ones whom I mother. My children become more precious to me every passing year. When they were little, I thought it would take forever for them to grow up. It doesn't.

It seemed to take forever to teach Samuel to comb his hair; every time he went out, it was sticking out every-which-way, thanks to his well-placed cowlicks. Now, there's never a hair out of place! How many times did we tell him to tuck in his shirt tail? One time he came home with the seat of his pants literally scraped off. He'd been roller-blading down a street with a steep hill, and in order to stop before flying onto a busier street and possible oncoming traffic, he just sat down. On the street. And the seat of his pants just disintegrated. Now he's a young man wearing shirts and ties to school every day with his hair neatly combed. And his teeth brushed (that's amazing too!). He also drives a car without harming anyone inside or outside the car, although he does drive a bit faster than I feel comfortable with. Samuel also has a talent for mispronouncing words with which he's unfamiliar, and sometimes he just says the wrong word for what he means. Once he had some swollen lymph nodes which he called lymph noids. He has a lifetime of these things!

I'm not sure that Andrew will ever grow up! LOL He is filled with such a playful personality that he is always coming up with some kind of fun or frolic. I think he'll always be about 12 years old on the inside! ;) He sings all. the. time. If Andrew is not singing, I check his temperature. He's always been a happy person. When he was 5 months old he had RSV and then pneumonia, but he'd always look up at me and smile, the little stinker. Once, when I had taken him to the doctor for a checkup with pneumonia, the child threw up down my back, then turned to me and smiled! Andrew is naturally curious. He is the one who took apart faucets and computer keyboards to see what makes them work. He can also find anything. He was our locator when he was a toddler . . . "Andrew, have you seen Daddy's keys?" Couple of minutes later, he was back with said keys! Now he's my handyman, always ready to hang a picture or take apart a small appliance to see what's wrong with it. Sometimes he even fixes it! He's driving too, and a very willing chauffeur when I need one.

Beth is my only girl, our Baby Girl. She has loved babies since she was one herself. She laid claim to a clown doll that my Granny made, christening it Babby, her pronunciation of Baby, when she was barely big enough to walk, and she's always had very well-loved baby dolls. In fact, I was in her room the other day and noticed the babies she still has on display in there, the special ones given to her by special people in her life. They still look brand new! As for Babby, though, she is a bit worse for wear. I still have her, put away in my cedar chest. Babby doesn't mean much to Beth anymore, but I love her! ;) I thought at one time that Beth would never learn to sit like a young lady, with her skirt pulled over her knees rather than hiked up to her thighs. There was also a time when I didn't think she'd ever learn to keep her room clean. Now she's a young lady who walks and sits like one and whose room is nearly spotless.

My babies. How amazed I was as I looked at that first little boy in my arms almost 20 years ago. I remember just sitting and staring at him, hardly believing he was actually mine. Then the second boy came, and I was just as thrilled to have another little boy. He snuggled right into my arms from the first moment, and straight into my heart. And then that baby girl! How fun and sweet to have my little baby doll to dress up . . . and train - that was a bit more scary! How good God has been to allow me to be a mother! To each of you, my babies . . . I love you more than you know. As you have grown into the young men and lady that you are now, I have watched you with eyes filled with pride. It didn't take as long as I thought it would. Not nearly long enough, actually. Thank you for loving me!


  1. Awww... *sniff sniff* someone hand me a

    What a great post Sister!

    Have a super blessed Mother's Day! May God continue to bless you as mother of these precious children!


  2. This is a beautiful post, Susan. Each paragraph written about your children was so much fun to read, and the end brought a tear to my eye. I had two boys and a baby girl also - it was a good order, I think. I like what you said, "I thought it would take forever for them to grow up. It doesn't." How true that is! May the Lord bless you today and always. PS - Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I will visit yours too!

  3. Susan,
    What a precious post on YOUR Mother's day, I like the idea of doing this. We wouldn't celebrate if we didn't have our precious children, would we?
    Happy Mother's Day to you too.

  4. Susan ~ what a special post! I loved reading it! Happy Mother's Day to you! And thanks for your well wishes on our news! :)

  5. beautiful! Makes it all worth while doesn't it?

  6. Hi, Dawn! I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful as well!

    Mary - Thank you for coming by to visit! I've really enjoyed your blog.

    Deby - you are so right - the children make Mother's Day!

    Deb - thanks for stopping by! I sure missed you while you were gone, and I am so thrilled by your good news!

    Rita - the babies are the thing, aren't they?! Even when they're not babies anymore and just tolerate being called babies - only in private, of course, or on Mom's blog! ;)


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