Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Man

Since Wes turned 43 today and I've never done a "things about Wes" post, I thought I'd take a minute and tell you 43 Things About Wes . . .

1. He is the oldest of 5 children
2. At one year of age, he was already eating 3 eggs for breakfast
3. He still loves eggs for breakfast
4. He was saved when he was almost 7 years old, on May 10, 1972
5. He has never doubted his salvation
6. He is quiet and calm and confident - it's hard to ruffle his feathers
7. He is very tall - 6'4" - tallest of his family
8. He is very much like his maternal grandfather in size and personality
9. The man can SING
10. He sang in a quartet that traveled and promoted a Bible college, although he was not in that Bible college at the time
11. We met when he (we) was 15, almost 16
12. He knew he loved me within a few weeks of when we started dating
13. We married when we were 19
14. He is a hard worker - he once worked 3 part-time jobs to keep us going
15. He does love to relax, though
16. He spent 10 years in the US Air Force
17. He surrendered to preach while he was in the AF
18. He was a radio technician for the first 3 years in the AF
19. He changed his career field to computers after 3 years, in 1990 when computers were just beginning to become common in homes
20. He has never been without a computer since
21. He has an eye with a paralyzed muscle, but his hand-eye coordination is amazingly good
22. Because of the paralyzed muscle, sometimes it looks like he's looking at you when he's not
23. After 10 years in the military, he got out and became assistant pastor of the church we had attended while he was stationed in Ft. Worth, TX
24. He started the Christian school at our church and was the principal for the first 6 years - little girls cried when they learned he was the principal
25. Why? Because he looks mean
26. He is not mean, just big and quiet with a deep voice, and the eye thing was a bit unnerving too
27. He is not afraid of confrontation and will stand for right no matter what
28. He is faithful
29. He is respectful of authority, even when the authority is not right
30. Some might say he is a bit on the stubborn side
31. He is a strong leader
32. He is also a loyal follower, a good quality for an assistant pastor
33. He is not a fast decision-maker
34. He makes sure that the next step he takes is in God's will
35. He does not like sloppy service in a restaurant or store
36. He does not mind letting someone know that he's received sloppy service
37. He loves to drive and is a very good driver, although I do my share of squealing while he drives, because his strong sense confidence extends to his driving
38. He is a caring pastor and a wonderful preacher
39. He is the leader in our home, but not the dictator - there is a difference
40. He loves to joke and tease, especially with me
41. He doesn't get angry easily
42. He's really just a big ol' teddy bear ;)
43. He loves ME!

And I love YOU, Honey! Happy Birthday!

P.S. We gave him a set of horseshoes for outside and a deluxe dartboard for inside. He is thrilled with both, especially the dartboard. It's now hanging in my dining room, although it is inside a nice case and looks nice when it's closed. What we give up for our men! ;)


  1. Happy your honey!!!
    Isn't marriage wonderful....

  2. Happy Birthday to Bro Wes!!

    God Bless

  3. Hi Susan,
    How sweet. Happy Birthday to Wes.

  4. Happy Birthday to Susan's dear hubby!!!

    The list of 43 things was great!

    God Bless Pastor Wes with many more birthdays ahead!

    ~ Dawn

  5. Happy Birthday Bro. Wes!
    You sound almost as blessed as I am. °Ü°

  6. Happy bd to your hubby & God Bless. At 43 he is still a young thing... :)

  7. Happy 43rd birthday to your man! That's a great list. I feel like I know him now! D.

  8. Dear Susan,

    I just found your blog recently. We are Vancouver residents and Orthodox Jews. I have to admit, it's a bit odd to think that missionaries come to Vancouver; I have always thought of missionaries in the third world and so forth. Well that will teach me to stereotype, right?

    Anyway, I'm quite fascinated by being able to read an outsider's perspective on our city; thank you for the opportunity. I'm definitely going to keep following along.

  9. Happy Birthday Bro. Wes. Sorry I am late. I had to laugh about #24; Sydney was unsure when he started helping in the youth dept for that short time but because of #27 she loved having him in there after she got to know him! He told them something like, if you do not want to be here and do what's right leave. AMEN! Just what a few of them needed! Our family sure does miss you all.

    Vincent almost fits Andrews cowboy hat. Anyways, Happy Birthday Bro. Wes!!

  10. I love your list! I may have to steal your idea when it's my hubby's birthday! You're very blessed to have such a wonderful husband!

    God bless you ~ Julie

  11. Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes for my honey! He does read here every now and then to see what I've been telling you all, and I've been telling him that you've been leaving comments for his b-day.

    Margaret, you've brought back memories! He helped with the youth department during the summer of 2004, right before we moved here. I'm glad Syd ended up liking him. Most of those little girls who cried when he became principal now tell him that they appreciate him, and they found out he wasn't mean after all! ;) They're all grown up now, too!

  12. Lida, I am so thrilled to have another Vancouverite reading my blog! I had to giggle when I read about teaching you not to stereo-type - isn't that the truth for all of us! We find that a lot of Canadians, and those from other modern, industrialized nations, consider missionaries as those who go to third-world countries . . . but we are real-live missionaries, right here in Vancouver. And trust me when I say that we love it here.

    I'd be honoured if you'd continue following along on our life here. And if you'd like to meet for coffee sometime, I'd love to do that too! Thanks so much for leaving a comment to let me know you're here.

  13. That should have said Liba, not Lida. Sorry about that!

  14. A belated happy birthday to your husband! Sounds like you got yourself a wonderful man!

    I like this idea: I may copy it. :) I wish I had thought of it for my husband's 50th birthday last March.


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