Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday in Review - April 6, 2008

It's been awhile since a Sunday in Review post. We've actually just been running about average for our little church, so there hasn't been much to report on each week. But this evening we had a baptism service! We baptized two of our young people who have been saved for some time. Of course, we don't have a baptistry at the rec centre, so we borrowed a church that has one for our evening service. They had a real piano too; that was a nice little extra for me! We carry an electronic keyboard back and forth to our services, and while it does a fine job for us, there's nothing like a real piano for sound and feel.

We've had several visitors the past couple of weeks. We've been going door-to-door in one area of town, leaving flyers and talking to folks when we can. Wes has also been standing on the main street through town and handing out tracts and talking to people on the street corner. Spiritually speaking, it's very dry here. We talk to people quite often who are friendly and open to us personally, but who have absolutely no interest in going to church or in spiritual matters. Many people won't even allow us to begin to tell them who we are or talk with us about anything, much less God. Honestly, it can get very discouraging to talk to folks, try to witness, invite them to church . . . and see very little happen. But we keep going, talking, and inviting, and we do have visitors every now and then. I don't know when or how God will grow our church; we knew it would be hard when we came. But we do know that He knows where we are, and growth will happen in His time. And we are so thankful for our faithful people who keep on coming and growing!


  1. I pray regularly for you and your husband's ministry, Susan!

  2. I know some parts of the harvest field are a little harder to work with. Praying the Lord gives you "good ground."

    I passed on a couple of awards to you today. :)

  3. Thank you, Dawn and Barbara, for your prayers! I know that they are part of what keeps us going!


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