Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Some Bloggy Business

I was just checking things online before bed and realized that I have a tiny bit of bloggy business to take care of. My sweet blog friend, Barbara H of Stray Thoughts, has blessed me once again with a couple of blog awards, and I needed to acknowledge them. Barbara, please forgive me for letting this slip my mind all week!

The first one is the Perfect Gift of Friendship Award.

And the second is the Blogging With a Purpose Award.

Thank you, again, Barbara! I appreciate your kindness so much!


  1. Hi susan,
    Thanks for your visit. We are so proud of her. It proves God can do what man says can't be done.

  2. Congratulations Susan, I know you deserve each of them!

  3. Congratulations, from what I can see you well deserve the awards.

    I've been enjoying your lovely blog!

    God Bless!


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